Midnight Mass Hostess Unleashes a Holy Terror of Hotness with Special Events featuring Patricia Quinn, Mark Patton, Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderf*ck & Jinkx Monsoon!!!

(San Francisco, May 6, 2013) Peaches Christ Productions is thrilled to declare this the SUMMER OF PEACHES with a special sneak preview of maniacal film & music events guaranteed to add additional heat — much needed in foggy, cold San Francisco — to your summer lovin’.

A new spin on the Grand Dame of Serial Killers; Elizabeth Bathory

Now if you really want to check out some “historical” virgin kills..

Los Angleles, CA – ­ May 8, 2013) ­ Weirdsmobile Productions is proud to announce that its new horror-comedy, CHASTITY BITES, will be making its World Premiere at the 16th edition of the Dances With Films film festival on June 1, 2013 at 11:45pm in Hollywood, California. The film, written and produced by Lotti Pharriss Knowles (producer on HBO Documentary Films’ “Vito” and “I Am Divine”), marks the feature film directorial debut of John V. Knowles (short film “SHADOW.NET”). To celebrate this momentous occasion, Weirdsmobile unleashes the official teaser trailer for your eyes only:

Preorders now available from @dangerafterdrk


Let the ultimate sexy death match begin!

A handful of mysterious Japanese women take part in a deranged web show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round of Mahjong. When there is nothing left to hide, the losers secrets are revealed and the nubile contestants must take their punishment. Can anyone survive, or keep their clothes on, in the dangerous game of “STRIP MAHJONG: BATTLE ROYALE?” Gleefully adding a risqué, wry twist to an ancient game of strategy, this erotic thriller delivers voyeuristic thrills with the friskiness of Seventies sexploitation flicks, providing titillating, strange and kinky gameplay at every turn!




 Featuring Rena Riffel (the real Penny/Hope from the film “Showgirls) as Nomi Malone!

Special afternoon matinee of SHOWGIRLS 2: PENNY’S FROM HEAVEN, for reals!!!

(San Francisco, August 3, 2012) Peaches Christ Productions presents the fifteenth anniversary screening and pre-show extravaganza of “SHOWGIRLS: The Peaches Christ Experience.” For one special night, your hostess Peaches Christ (starring as CristalConners) and her company of dancing ‘ghouls,’ will kick-off the night with the “Volcanic Goddess” pre-show, featuring Rena Riffel (the original Penny/Hope from Verhoven’s film) as Nomi Malone. This musically interactive, extravaganza is guaranteed to blow the roof off the CASTRO THEATRE on AUGUST 25. 2012 at 8:00 pm and you’d be ‘brown rice & vegetable’ crazy to miss this outrageous “KIKI,” which has sold-out in the last couple of years.

France Joli’s Summer Hit “Hallelujah’.

Leading CumShot today:

Disco Diva France Joli will be in Ptwn signing her special ptwn pressing of the summer surprise hit, Maxi club Remix of Leonard Cohens “Hallelujah’.

Limited press run, $19.99 and only avail only at PTown Spin

According to Ptwn Spin CD music store, “with Carnival starting tomorrow we came together as a joint effort between France and Spin to have an exclusive on the 5 mix Single.

The Club single will be available at P Town Spin CD Shop and also at the Meet and Greet on Grand Opening Day on Monday at Town Hall or visit our Facebook page for PTown Spin to get order details.

Divas, Disco & Summertime Fun

As we set into the grey foggy water of Provincetown on the ferry, i took a moment to refect on ehich stories from the last two weeks will make their to the CR blog.

But this image I tool sets the tone as we head for home


Now this.. wasn’t any “Recipe Book” these were real people

…who made mistakes, had great loves and deep sorrows but still managed to sexual and fresh, Pat Califia’s telling of the stories captures the essence of a time when kink, fetish wasn’t just about “insert peg “A” into slot “b”. It was about the journey. The paths one took, and the understanding that you might have a theme, you could never have it so scripted as to loose the passion and element of surprise.

Total Recall; Retelling with a sexier cast!

..and for those of you who didn’t read the full post and missed this!

“Of course I will go see it and I have hopes that it will blow me away – but at least admit your telling the same damn story!”

BLOOD FOR IRINA, Fangoria Mag’s Chris Alexander

I’ll admit it – I love my nontraditional and off beat horror flicks. While I love a big budget splash – sometimes its not having all the money that make a story told better. My pal @lewistice clued me into this one recently. Blood for Irina is an “intimate, dark, lonely, beautiful and surreal, fueled by dread, imagery and emotion” telling by writer, journalist and FANGORIA magazine editor Chris Alexander. This is Alexanders debut for Autonomy pictures a fast growing shop, gaining momentum for creative genre films.

Get you meal bag on.. its The Silence Of The Trans! July 28

So as many of you know, Im a PeachesChrist fan [@PeachesChrist on twitter]   well – truth be told – anyone who can mix horror, camp and theatrics on a budget and with some flair usually catches my eye.. what can I say – we all have our guilty pleasure.

But I digress, now to add to the madness mix in guest star Sharon Needles of RuPauls Drag Race and see it all play out on Jul 28 in The Silence of the Trans performance at the Castro Theater!

Photo credit Jose A. Guzman Colon

It’s coming! @autonomy_pics horror film THE BUNNY GAME, debuts July 17, 2012

If you think eating rabbit on easter is wrong.. then you will really dig this “it’s so wrong it’s right” moment in time!

(New York, NY – ­ June 1, 2012) ­ Autonomy Pictures reveals the official box art and ‘special features’ for the upcoming, uncut Blu-ray/DVD release of Adam Rehmeier¹s horror film THE BUNNY GAME, debuting July 17, 2012.


New film label launches to develop and distribute envelope-pushing projects for multi-platform releases worldwide

For immediate release Press contact:

New York, NY – March 9, 2012 – Producer Derek Curl (TLA Releasing/ THE INNKEEPERS, STAKE LAND) announces the launch of the new label, AUTONOMY PICTURES, a filmmaker-driven company dedicated to producing and distributing boundary-pushing, uncompromising cinema on a worldwide scale. The company, spearheaded by Curl, David Gregory (Severin Films/ filmmaker: PLAGUE TOWN, THE THEATRE BIZARRE) and Lewis Tice (Danger After Dark) has acquired all U.S. rights to Adam Rehmeier¹s THE BUNNY GAME, a shockingly explicit cinematic experience about the abduction of a prostitute and the terror she is subjected to at the hands of her captive. Featuring a fearless performance by actress Rodleen Getsic, who also co-wrote the film with Rehmeir, based on her own experiences, THE BUNNY GAME was recently banned in the UK but will be released in the US uncut in July 2012.

The Gay Male Couple’s Guide to Nonmonogamy

One more recent post was a guide for those of us who prefer the concept of non monogamy or open relationships – which in fact differs from from the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” philosophy which some couples adapt. Written by Daniel Vaillancourt – it serves up plenty of food for thought..

Now someone needs to write one on for the nasty queens who have determined that being single gives a person a right to be a cunt online and snark at men in open relationships who use social network sites such as Manhunt, Grindr and Scruff to name but a few – which by the way you stupid fucks IS NOT the same as using dating one – so get off your high horse before you snark at men who openly say they are partnered and looking.

Shit Bears Say…

Now we all have a schtick.. and those that like to feel the Bear” corners the market on the natural man’s arena do too.. this camera across my laptop this week and I think it captures it so well. They guys behind it definitely have an opinion on life..

Bear Explosion – British Bears given us a laugh

Love the fact that these cuties can see some humor in life and have some fun with it. Sometimes its good to exhale…

Jonny McGovern “Take Me To St. Olaf (A Song For Rose)” from “SONGS ABOUT THE GOLDEN GIRLS

Sometimes we need a little Rose in outlives…

“Tired-ass” Porn Lines!

Stumbled across this blog today and the image just tickled me!

Slay it, Don’t Say it

Now I’m one of those guys who mutes the porn volume anyway – but on those times when I haven’t, it’s rare that I find the dialogue or ability of the talent to carry more than the scene.. so this made me laugh some tonight.

TLA Releasing’s first interactive, online “Q&A” session with writer/director J.C. Calciano (“eCupid,” “Steam Room Stories”) and actors Nicholas Downs and Adam Huss.

Ever wonder “Is it just you?”

TLA Releasing and Cinema175 invite you to find and and help celebrate the Blu-ray release of the romantic comedy “IS IT JUST ME?” by participating in TLA Releasing’s first interactive, online “Q&A” session with writer/director J.C. Calciano (“eCupid,” “Steam Room Stories”) and actors Nicholas Downs and Adam Huss. Hosted by, film lovers will have an opportunity to socialize and ask questions via webcam, Twitter (@TLAReleasing) and SticKam instant messaging on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST) by logging onto For more information and updates, visit TLA Releasing’s official Facebook page:

Pay-Per-View Porn

A few favorite links to sites with video & pictures
available for your viewing pleasure for a fee.


30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel : Episode Five

Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse are back this week with more anonymous straight and bisexual men in another episodeof “30 Loads of Facials — The Sequel”! If you’ve never seen an episode of 30 Loads then you’re missing a lot!! It’s the world’s nastiest miniseries that’s all about anonymous men shooting their fat loads in our face after we suck them off or jam their cocks up our ass. The first 30 Loads was so hot that we had to give our members another 30! Join now and see what all the hype is about!!!

Del Shores

Ready to push some boundaries?

The creative twisted baptist’s son and writer of Sordid Lives is on tour with his Sordid Confessions and hits San Francisco on Aug 18th for a intimate night of talking trash.

Join Del Shore and his sexy husband Jason Dottley for a night to laugh, roll your eyes and belly up to the show with his take on Sordid Lives, Trash and more.. Limited Seating and run – so order tickets early.

After seeing it in Ptwn this week and the only thing I could say as I walked out – “it’s so wrong its right”.