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A Day In A Gay Life

This was written back in 2004 as part of an assignment in my graduate program in Health Science –  But I also ran a version in a few magazines as the request of readers and have reposted for CR readers.

One of our assignments was to write up a review of a day in our life and recognize the role that public health plays. So, me being me, couldn’t refuse a chance to spread some of my gay agenda and share some more personal ways public health play out in my life. I thought it would make an interesting article to share with you as well and how much sexually active gay men’s lives are affected by the public health programs.

Syphilis Sux

You cant alway tell if you have Syphilis. Gay men especially sexually active ones- you need to test

Learn more about syphilis and whats in your area:


I’m not sure I can even add to this.. another fav from

Currently one of my fav examples of how elegant a message can be woven with humor!

From the folks at they see Birth Control from under the covers!

St. James Infirmary does it again with style for Sex Workers.

The Bay Area’s St. James Infirmary ( is one of my favorite pro-sex non-profits in San Francisco is one I served on as both a board member and as a volunteer over the years. In October they launched a new campaign that encourages people too look at Sex Workers and the stereotypes that people often assign to them.

The campaign itself is built on a series of posters with a diverse and often surprising representation of folks.

If you have extra $$ to donate to this truly great program – they are definitely are a deserving group.

Cock Gear; Final Thoughts & Cautions (Part 3)

So for the last few posts – we’ve talked about all the cool ways to add some stiffness to your cock, after this funny little clip I found, I have added a few last words of awareness.

now for a little levity

A few parting shots with some CyberRelate guidelines when thinking about your cock gear –

Unless its intentional – consider that if it’s got sharp edges, don’t use it!

Unless you are into the SM thing – sharp edges usually mean poorly finished rings and straps. They can scratch or nick you causeing an infection or worse. Remember Hep C (and HIV) only needs a small portal of entry !


Just received this today from some pals who knew it would strike a nerve on a few levels.

It captures some very real conversations that happen between men – and the disconnect that some negative men continue to have around accepting responsibility for what they choose to do.. or not to do

Judge for yourself…

Whats it Means to be Clean

I was asked to repost this from another blog that I used to write for…

For those of you who follow my blogs, tweets and some of my other internet-based projects, you know I have particular point of view when it comes to gay men, sex and responsible sexual health.

Lately, I’m finding something I don’t think is all that cool. While I appreciate that some of you will not agree with this post – I do feel it has to be said as well.


STD’s – the gift that keeps on giving

Make sure you don’t get that one gift that you can’t casually get rid of as the months change. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) continue to be on the increase in the gay mens networks.

After years sexual prevention methods being targeted toward HIV, its important to remember that sex also puts us at risk for other STD’s. So, when you are thinking about keeping yourself and/or your partner safe always remember to include BOTH HIV and STD in your thoughts.


Here in the DripZone, we know that playing around sexually can expose us to a bunch of not-so friendly “critters” . These critters come in many shapes, forms and get entry to our bodies in different ways.

DZ is about knowing how best to protect yourself and those you have sex with from these sexual critters and also establish a sexual health routine that works for you.

A Men’s Plan for Sexual Health

If You Use It – Test It! FInd places to test for STD & hiv –