Somedays I miss the “gay underground” of sex

You just can’t make this stuff up sometimes. Access is all well and good, but this goes a bit far if true. Its not like it is that hard to get from your doctor and the affects of the wrong does is pretty substantial..

Provincetown sex shop ordered to halt demos of erection drug

PROVINCETOWN — Town health officials issued an emergency cease and desist order to Maxine Kroll, the owner of the sex toy shop Toys of Eros, and Dimitri Kavoura, who owns the property, on Wednesday, July 12, after they found that live demonstrations of the injectable erectile dysfunction drug Trimix were being held there during Bear Week. The order was issued by Dept. of Health and Environment Director Morgan Clark.

Clark became aware of the demonstrations after receiving a complaint on Monday, July 10 from Outer Cape Health Services chief medical officer, Dr. Andrew Jorgensen, after he saw an ad in Provincetown Magazine’s Bear Week edition. The Toys of Eros ad, which read “pound like a pornstar” with “higher quality, more reliable erections,” offered daily demonstrations and trial doses.

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