So Wrong, It’s So Right

So wrong it’s so right!


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Somedays I miss the “gay underground” of sex

You just can’t make this stuff up sometimes. Access is all well and good, but this goes a bit far if true. Its not like it is that hard to get from your doctor and the affects of the wrong does is pretty substantial..

Provincetown sex shop ordered to halt demos of erection drug

PROVINCETOWN — Town health officials issued an emergency cease and desist order to Maxine Kroll, the owner of the sex toy shop Toys of Eros, and Dimitri Kavoura, who owns the property, on Wednesday, July 12, after they found that live demonstrations of the injectable erectile dysfunction drug Trimix were being held there during Bear Week. The order was issued by Dept. of Health and Environment Director Morgan Clark.

Grindr Asks Judge To Toss Suit Condemning Gay Dating App 

Grindr Asks Judge To Toss Suit Condemning Gay Dating App 

Grindr wants a judge to dismiss the claims of a New York man who says he’s been accosted at home and work by ~1k sex-hungry men after an ex-boyfriend posted fake profiles soliciting men interested in exploring violent fantasies. Herrick sued Grindr earlier this year in Manhattan federal court, saying he couldn’t stop a steady stream of unwelcome visitors despite ~100 complaints. He seeks unspecified damages. Grindr said it can’t be blamed and lawsuit must be dismissed because Herrick’s lawyers “cannot identify any cases in which a court found that a website owed a duty to protect a plaintiff from third-party content. 

Sex Horror Zombi Fims are not the domain of the ladies, NSFW (NakedSword Film Works) division release of “Sauna The Dead”

Just when you think Sex Horror Zombi flims are the domain of the ladies.. NSFW (NakedSword Film Works) division has released its “Sauna The Dead“. Its a campy, fun, sexy, whimsical short from director Tom Frederic.  Set in a gay sauna, with zombies. Jacob (Tom Frederic) is a jaded narcissist who stalks the bathhouse halls looking for his next hookup. When he finds himself in the midst of a zombie outbreak, his survival may depend on the one thing he didn’t come there for: a human connection.

Visit to check out the trailer

@Daddyhunt partners in #Gay Mens #Health and #Sexual Choice

With the latest set of PSA’s now out along with the season 2 of The Serial; the also created two PSA’s aka Public Service Announcement to help promote our health. The first two are running now and available for your websites and Facebook sharing; “The Right Stuff” and “PrEP Is Effective” are both live. More details and the links for the actual web series can be found on the Daddyhunt Facebook page:


The Right Stuff


Some Dust to get you over the “hump” today

Some DUST to get you over the “hump” today


Published on Feb 1, 2016

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Produced by JOHNNY WHAT
Mixed by Kyle Mangels

Featuring Shaun Ross
Directed by JOHNNY WHAT
Director of Photography: Thor Wixom
1st Assistant Camera: Jason Rowlen
Make up: Gabe Acero
Editing: John Debiase


When the blood is lost
It turns to rust
We return our hearts
Into the dust

Really? In The Scrotum?

You have got  to be “frigen” kidding me.. really?

I Got Botox in My Scrotum and My Sex Life Has Never Been Better

The procedure is called “Scrotox” and it smooths out wrinkles in the scrotum.

But according to this recent article at cosmo- its all the “rage”. guess that gives a new meaning to “balls in”

How could I not take advantage of this….

for your “Hump Day” humor..


Imagine the day this guy must have had..

“Head of Italy’s Anti-Discrimination Office Quits After Gay Sex Club Scandal”
The head of Italy’s anti-discrimination office resigned from his position Monday after being accused of misusing government money. Instead of funding diversity programs and fighting racism, Francesco Spano allegedly used taxpayer funds for gay sex clubs.

More: Make America Gay Again


TORONTO is making a bold statement in support of LGBT rights with a billboard campaign that launched this past Tuesday to coincide with the inauguration of president elect Donald Trump.

Signs, featuring two guys holding the American flag along with the words “Dear Mr. President, Let’s Make America Gay Again,” have appeared in Los Angeles and New York City in the past week.

The billboards, a play on Trump’s campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again,” are a part of Squirt’s effort to support gay rights, as well as positively encourage Trump and his administration to take LGBT rights seriously.