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Chemsex: Why is gay sex causing straight panic?

João Florêncio of the University of Exeter looks at culture’s obsession with ‘chemise’ via

Since last year’s release of Chemsex, described by the Guardian as a “scary but valuable documentary”, the drug-fuelled sexual practices of some gay men have increasingly become a matter of heated debate, both within the gay community and in the national press.

Most recently, papers have picked up on the story of barrister Henry Hendron, whose partner died last year after overdosing on GHB at the couple’s London flat.

But unfortunately neither last year’s documentary nor most news stories since have managed to suspend moral judgement when addressing the topic. “Chemsex” is not receiving the depth of critical analysis it badly needs.

According to most accounts, including the one put forward by the documentary, gay men are driven to long sessions of “chemsex” because they are lonely and suffer from internalised homophobia.