It’s Penis Tune up time

AccidentalBear did a nice job with a bunch of reminders on mens health this month; Check out the full post here

A few highlights include:

  • Keeping your equipment “clean” – and thats as in soap and water clean
  • Self-Exams for testicular cancer
  • How to keep your “woodie”, wooden
  • April is STD awareness month – that includes oral, anal screening as well as looking for discharges

My fav quote:

Use your penis to keep it healthy

Make ejaculation part of your daily routine. Here’s why: a large Harvard study of nearly 30,000 men found the risk of prostate cancer was 33 per cent lower in men who’d ejaculated at least 21 times per month, compared to those who ejaculated only 4-7 times per month. This included ejaculations during sex, masturbation and, um, “nocturnal emissions”. Time to play catch up.

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