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Now this is worken’ from home.. Bryan Hawn can cum work anytime

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It’s Penis Tune up time

AccidentalBear did a nice job with a bunch of reminders on mens health this month; Check out the full post here

A few highlights include:

  • Keeping your equipment “clean” – and thats as in soap and water clean
  • Self-Exams for testicular cancer
  • How to keep your “woodie”, wooden
  • April is STD awareness month – that includes oral, anal screening as well as looking for discharges

My fav quote:

Just because I liked it; Holopaw’s ‘Dirty Boots’ Video

The vimeo version

Holopaw – Dirty Boots (2014) from Adam Baran on Vimeo.


From 2014: Gay Bikers Bump Uglies and Trip Out in Holopaw’s Latest ‘Dirty Boots’ Video

The name Holopaw might not ring a bell for you if you’re a troglodyte with no taste. To fill your dumb ass in, the Gainesville, Florida–based band is fronted by queer indie rock veteran John Orth, who performed alongside Issac Brock of Modest Mouse in his weird-as-fuck side project, Ugly Casanova. Over the years, Holopaw has put out a bunch of dope releases. But their latest album, Academy Songs: Vol. 1, is especially weird and off-kilter and awesome.

Marry me from elvisdifazio on Vimeo

While I am more flexible on “gay marriage”, not being one who is the marrying kind – I feel people should have a choice. But much the film deals with so many other topic themes that the over all package is quite rich.

Created as the closing act for Mardi Gras 2014. The song was performed Live By Adam George, Nathan Mahon and Marcia Hines, here I have used the original track By Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “Same Love”. The shareable link is or check it out below.

marry me from elvisdifazio on Vimeo.

Federal Court Rules You Have No Constitutional Right to Engage in 100% Consensual Rough Sex

Trending big in some circles this week is the lastest news on who we can fuck and how!

Federal Court Rules You Have No Constitutional Right to Engage in 100% Consensual Rough Sex

Per the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) “The purpose of government is to assist in the protection of rights, not to hinder them. If one consents to waive their rights of physical protection, within the rules of a certain context, ie. MMA Fighting, Boxing, Wrestling, BDSM, et al., the government is violating their right to consent.”

The work done by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is more important than ever. Http://

The Biggest Lover Anthology with @rjsuresha on the Underbears Podcast

Back in the day I worked with several of the old standards for gay male erotica that specialized content with Bear, Powerplay and Drummer Magazines. I knew Ron back then as well – so was fun to see him on the  episode of the Underbears Podcast. In his undies no less talking about his new book; The Biggest Lover. (Ron’s starts around 11 min in)





The Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press proudly presents its 28th title, The Biggest Lover: Big-Boned Men’s Erotica for Chubs and Chasers, edited by noted gay and bi men’s erotica anthologist R. Jackson.

Now Suck It

yes.. really.. its a Yang game of course; Succulent

From Hard Swallow to Queer Japan; Art is taking shape

With the very hot Hard Swallow Kickstarter ending (good job Justin Hall) another is picking up pace to promote queer art – this one is looking at promoting Queer Japan. Pal Graham Kolbeins shared with me a new project he is championing on kickstarter;
According to Graham;  “The Queer Japan Project is a multimedia documentary providing portraits of a diverse group of individuals from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality in Japan. Artists, activists, community leaders, and everyday people will share an intimate look into the everyday triumphs and struggles of being a sexual minority in modern Japan. Through in-depth interviews and slice-of-life vignettes, Queer Japan will celebrate queer expression in Japan in many of its dazzling, prismatic varieties.”
Shot over the course of one week with interviews in Tokyo with artists like gay manga master Gengoroh Tagame, drag queen and renaissance woman Vivienne Sato, and controversial manko [pussy] artist Rokudenashiko. We also sat down with groundbreaking HIV activist, writer, and magazine editor Hiroshi Hasegawa, visual artist Nogi Sumiko, dancer Atsushi Matsuda of the renowned butoh group DAIRAKUDAKAN, and bar owner Masaki C. Matsumoto.
The Project/film will be in Japanese with English subtitles, and then when there’s English language stuff it will have Japanese subtitles. And here are a few stills!The rich history and creativity out of Japan, when coupled with the free expression by queer artists should make this Kickstarter Queer Japan one I sure hope makes it!
Partial support is being provided by the Creative Artists Exchange Fellowship awarded by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission.

And just when you find out Yang’s out of the shower – its Spanking time!

Yup– while looking around I found a few more of Yangs games;