umm.. thats a stick shift right??

oh.. this one we’ve all done!

Stick Shift

Some Hump-day humor; A Video Game About Scrubbing Naked Men In The Shower [NSFW]

Yes really– A Video Game About Scrubbing Naked Men In The Shower, called Rinse and Repeat, and its the latest game by Robert Yang

“Older gay men understand this in a tradition of cruising and gay bathhouses, while younger gay men might narrativize it more as a reversal of bullying dynamics in high school gym. Above all, the locker room is understood normally as a place of danger, where you could be discovered or outed or beaten for “looking at someone the wrong way” even if you were just minding your own business — and there’s nowhere to hide, not even in your own clothes.”

Cobra Club

now about that dick size?

Yang takes that one on too; from his website: 

If selfies argue that all faces are worthy of memory, dick pics show how all cocks are worthy of consideration. In the vein of noble projects like Critique My Dick Pic, we wish to “take back” the dick pic from the clutches of creepy congressmen and tabloid headlines. Popular discourse rightfully centers the consent of dick pic recipients, but government mass surveillance (Can They See My Dick?) also threatens the consent of dick pic senders, as state spy complexes admit they “collect it all” with almost no oversight or transparency.

I mean really; even Judge Judy talks about it; Judge Judy Finally Hears Case Involving Grindr

Nabbed from Gawker

“Um, we met on a, um…social website,” said defendant Adam Murphy, who was being sued for not paying back a loan from is considerably older, um…friend. “Um, it’s actually called Grindr…Grindr, it’s an app. For your phone or your iPad. It’s a social app that tells you where homosexual males are and their proximity. To where you are.”

The video clips are great!


if it wasn’t sadly true, it would be hot…

What can I say.. It was a long week!

Just in time for Valentines Day

to take us into the weekend… what good girls do!

Speaking of Sex Apps; “Grind” Gay Hook-Up App Musical with a Dark Side

“Grind” Gay Hook-Up App Musical with a Dark Side  


“What are you after on here?” asks Chemically Altered Productions in short film called “Grind.”

GRIND from Chemically Altered Productions on Vimeo.

“Vincent is uncomfortable in his own skin but he’s witty and adroit on his favorite hook-up app. Thane is hot (like…incredibly hot) but he’s dumb and can’t express himself.”

“When Thane asks Vincent to grind for him by combining his own underwear model pics with Vincent’s flirty texted banter, he’s certain the partnership will attract the clever guys who don’t take him seriously.”

You ignorant, pompas, broken little man; Harlem Hate Pastor; Over $200K raised for LGBT youth!

Harlem Hate Pastor: Fags Will Have Babies Through Their Anus Before I Let Them Have My Church

Whats old become new… and about time…

How Bathhouses are Rebranding and Becoming Cool Again via Hawpost

“Men are there in person for you to choose from, not some fake profile picture you see on your mobile screen.”

 The history of bathhouses can be traced back to ancient times were Greek men visited these places to explore sexual desires with other men. In the 1960s and 1970s many bathhouses and gay saunas began legally opening up for business throughout the United States as a refuge for gay, bi and “confused” men.

Working as a team instead of finding someone to blame; Changing the Gay Online Hookup Experience

Changing the Gay Online Hookup Experience

nabbed from BETA (SFAF)IMG_2063.JPG

, by Emily Newman

Dating and hookup apps are an increasingly popular way for gay men to meet new sexual partners. The popular dating app Grindr, for example, boasts over five million users with approximately 10,000 new users downloading the app daily. Apps and websites that make it easier for men to meet new partners may have the unintended consequence of facilitating disease transmission. One study, for example, found that men who favored location-based smartphone apps to meet other men for sex were 25 percent more likely to have gonorrhea and 37 more likely to have chlamydia than men who preferred to meet sex partners in other ways such as in bars or clubs.

How cum you have to always make it sound like a bad thing; How dating app Grindr makes it easy to stalk 5 million gay men

How dating app Grindr makes it easy to stalk 5 million gay men

Location sharing allows user whearabouts to be tracked around the clock.

by   –  Jan 16, 2015 2:22pm PST

Mobile dating apps have revolutionized the pursuit of love and sex by allowing people not only to find like-minded mates but to identify those who are literally right next door, or even in the same bar, at any given time. That convenience is a double-edge sword, warn researchers. To prove their point, they exploited weaknesses in Grindr, a dating app with more than five million monthly users, to identify users and construct detailed histories of their movements.

It’s not just a gay thing…

HALF of millennials admit they have sent naked pictures of themselves via text while more than a …

Daily Mail

Skyn Condoms set out to reveal the sexual habits, preferences and desires of millennials across the country, and according to the brand’s 2015 survey, technology and romance go hand in hand.

  • According to a survey by Skyn Condoms, millennials use technology in most of their romantic lives 
  • A quarter of participants said they had sent nude images via photo-sharing app Snapchat, while 50% said they ‘actively enjoy sexting’

Sh*t Gay Guys Say About PrEP comments from @evanrosskatz

“Lower case ‘r’ – weird, I know.”

It’s no “Shit Gay Guys Say” as far as delivering the LOL’s, but Connected Health Solutions’ “Sh*t Gay Guys Say About PrEP” is definitely worth 92 seconds of your time.

“The birth control pill for homos,” as described in the video, is of course referring to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), the FDA approved anti-HIV medication that keeps HIV negative people from becoming infected.

The pseudo-PSA features a young gay man asking a myriad of PrEP-centric questions, including: