Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Simply Slays Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

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from the post: What happens when you combine the talents of Russia’s ballet bad boy Sergei Polunin, Irish gospel luminary Hozier and photography pop wizard David LaChapelle? Apparently, a whole lot of angsty, sexy, beautiful dancing ensues.. via:


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Even in Disney World, an impenetrable fortress of G-rated delights, sex is happening.

Hop on a complimentary shuttle bus from the Magic Kingdom to the edge of Fort Wilderness Beach, take a right, and walk along the nature trail until you come upon a copse of trees. There, in the shadow of Cinderella’s Castle, is an entirely different kind of wonderland. If that doesn’t suit you, there are other options; the sauna of the Walt Disney Swan Resort on a Sunday afternoon, the men’s bathroom in the basement of Disney’s Great Hall, the “totally private” fourth floor handicapped toilet near the monorail to Epcot. In every setting, there’s a sacred concealed world—a hidden network of men meeting other men for sex, masked in the mundane. Full Story

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), Guest Blog: Pink Therapy Event Guidelines for Organizers and Participants

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Guest Blog: Pink Therapy Event Guidelines for Organizers and Participants
by Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, DST, CSSP

Pink Therapy is a British kink education and therapy group. They have been known to attend the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities annual conference, which will next meet immediately prior to the 2016 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, September 24. 2016

Old Standard In Activism Never Change; UT-Austin Students Protest Open Carry Law By Strapping Dildos to Their Bags

I remember when we did variations of this years ago with toys in our suitcases  to annoy TSA at the airports.

Texas students are protesting months-old legislation that allows you to carry a gun on campus by highlighting what you can’t carry: a dildo.

On August 1, 2016, Senate Bill 11, which allows students to carry concealed weapons on most areas of campus, will officially go into effect. Meanwhile, the Texas penal code and the University of Texas’ rulebook says that engaging with any sort of obscene content in public is prohibited and punishable by fine. Thus, a hilarious juxtaposition of inconsistent legal nonsense.

“CHEMSEX” | The Use of Drugs in a Sexual Context | Official Trailer

This generations “Bareback the movie”; year ago bareback sex was the documentary baby and now a new kid in town is getting airtime. I’m sure there are parts that resonate with folks – but I remain concerned that it still creates a stigma for the user.

via Accidental Bear Blog;

“Chemsex: the name given to the rising phenomenon which refers to the use of drugs in a sexual context. Often referring to group sex that can last for days, the allure of chemsex has lead to many young men being trapped in a vicious circle of sex, addiction and dependence.