San Francisco’s mayor says he’s “open” to allowing bathhouses in the city again

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Important point of distinction- a”Bathhouse” is not innately a gay thing. We as gay men used them especially with the ability to have the private rooms – so while “bathhouses” remain legal in SF if you follow all the zone, fire and environmental rules – what is considered as a “gay bathhouse” with the closed spaces aren’t legal to operate.

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After a 30-year ban, the city of San Francisco may see its historic bathhouses reopened.

You Are Not Prepared For The Terror Of “American Horror Story: Grindr”

A new horror so twisted, Ryan Murphy can’t even imagine it.  by  10/16/2015

Ryan Murphy may have a pretty twisted mind, churning out season after season of American Horror Story, but even he can’t top the real life horrors you can see just by logging on Grindr.

So an enterprising Tumblr user set some of those horrors to the theme from American Horror Story, and you’ve basically got a show called American Horror Story: Grindr

Bette Midler – Continental Baths Concert (1971)

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“This is my 800th farewell appearance here at the Continental Baths,” jokes a much younger Bette Midler after a rousing opening number. She continues, “I didn’t expect to be back so soon…They had me booked at Fire Island…I was supposed to work at Cherry Grove — I was supposed to sing. But they couldn’t find room for me in the bushes.”
In this stunning archival footage, we see what is thought to be Bette’s actual farewell appearance at the Baths, the now-iconic relic of a pre-AIDS existence in the late ’60s, early ’70s.

As if Russia has nothing else to worry about than “gay” emojis

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Russian Police Investigates Apple Over ‘Gay’ Emojis”

Russia is still having a problem with Apple’s “gay” emojis.