A Sinner in Mecca’ documentary rebukes Saudi Arabia by telling story of a gay Muslim’s pilgrimage

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A Sinner in Mecca’ documentary rebukes Saudi Arabia by telling story of a gay Muslim’s pilgrimage

The confession of a Pakistani murderer. Overzealous religious police. An Arab angered after his pregnant wife was molested in the holiest site known to Islam.

A new film made by a gay Muslim pilgrim offers a English-speaking Western audience a warts-and-all view of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in a documentary that has attracted death threats and an online hate campaign.


Another Chapter Closed

Imagine how many lives could’ve been saved or how many infections could’ve been prevented among those at real risk for HIV had AHF leadership funneled the money spent on this towards culturally appropriate and validated sexual health prevention and not thrown at redundant legal fees that sought only to advance individual personalities and biases. 


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Sometimes life isn’t as real as what it’s sold as.. but “image interpretation” does sell.

Folsom Street Fair Meets Bob Fosse In New Promo Video (NSFW)

The Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco’s fetish street party, returns on September 27 and organizers are getting the word out with an inventive promo video that incorporates Bob Fosse choreography and the “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. For more on this video and its concept : Here

New issue of Muscular e-zine is out!

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SPRING 2015 Issue No. 13 |FUCKED UP

We are pleased to announce the publication of Issue No. 13 of MASCULAR Magazine. This issue is dedicated to all things FuckedUp. Our contributors challenge you to consider the world and artistic expression from the perspective of the outsider. Subversive thoughts, daring concepts and dark places are all here. These artist have grown tired of the conventional because it doesn’t speak to them. It’s not their experience of life.