My Dark Night Of Passage Part III

This is the conclusion of Bart’s “My Dark Night Of Passage” conclusion – read form the beginning here: Part 1 & Part 2

Again, I cry out, “Noooooooooo!!!! Dr. Crumpton…pleeeeeaseee… oh god save me!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Big hairy Nick stands closely to us on the altar with his handsome olive skin and hairy cock standing like a weapon. He taunts me with, “Shut up with your god damn calling for mercy…no one can save you… THE BEAST is your master…worship him!”

Your view isn’t always the only view

So the douche-bag of the weekend award goes to “single” men who use the social networking apps like Grndr, Scruff, etc and then make judgements about who shoukd be one them. 

My response to them; “check your baggage under the plane, cause missy, it gonna fit in carry-on”

These apps are SPACES FOR EVERYONE; not just because you aren’t able to filter. Don’t want to meet men in open relationships that’s  your right. Block or hide them, but don’t get in a hissy-fit because you chat one up and didn’t take the time to read the whole profile, cause your ass twitched first. 

My Dark Night Of Passage II

A few weeks ago Bart shared Part I   My Dark Night Of Passage; tonight he shared part II. Look for the conclusion in 2 weeks.

The big naked hairy Nick, owner of the Greek restaurant, sneers as he massages his hairy dick, “THE BEAST lives…beg him for deliverance and mercy…worship THE BEAST with agony and screams! Ah hahahahahahahaha! ”

As Big Mac forces the monster head of his dick in me, I hear the sweating, cursing minister shout, “OH GREAT BEAST, I am violating the body of this sacrificial pig!!! Bless me and my followers with eternal pleasure!!! Son, feel the mighty, BEAST-empowered and endowed penis of your sacrificial High Priest… Dr. McLeod Crumpton!!!!”

The village physician Jimmy slowly massages his swollen penis to enjoy the rape and leans over me naked and stiff taunting me, “Look son, your god damn dick is hard!!! You love getting fucked!!! Ah hahahahahahahaha! You god damn slut!!! You sex pig. Feel the giant dick god damn entering your body, you whore!!! Big Mac is gonna fuck your god damn eyes out now!! Son, you’re being sodomized by a pillar of the community… Dr. McLeod Crumpton…(wide-eyed and grinning) HIGH PRIEST OF THE BEAST!!!!”

Mac’s dick separates my ass slowly…slowly and very painfully…he forces it past my ass lips and slowly into my ass!!! I hear him strain and grunt violently as he powerfully forces it inside my body…making my body adjust to fit tight against him…a horrible toll with which to begin operating on me! He is soooo fucking big!! He feels a powerful rush as my warm ass engulfs his big man dick. It is exceptional thick and hot. He thinks about trying to hurt me and dominate me…he sees me struggle against the powerful grasp of his naked cultist assistants…he loves to fuck assholes and he is eager to show all gathered his supernaturally induced sexual prowess!!! Without sympathy for my pain, he business-like pushes the huge dick in.

The local high school coach, Wayland, uses his powerful arms to hold me firm on the cold stone platform …without any chance for escape! His gladiator-like forearms are large and covered with black hair. As the High Priest continues to sink his mighty manhood into my ass, the hairy chested, powerful cultist laughs, “Ah hahahahahahahaha! Punish his god damn ass…fuck him…son, feel that god damn horse dick enter your boy hole!!”