My Dark Night Of Passage Part 1

Or Buddy Bart shared one of his childhood stories with me as a way to owning some of his kinky demons from his childhood. This is his story to share.. Part II will run in two weeks.

I awoke in a dungeon lit only by candles. I was being held down on a stone platform by powerful naked arms of naked men sporting big thick erections. There was chanting to a ritualistic drumbeat. I could feel the heat and musk immitted by the naked men’s bodies. It was obvious that I had been gagged by my uncle and carried to a chamber that resembled a cult meeting place.

The lumbering naked man wearing the black executioner’s mask lowers his massive body by bending his knees over my helpless body. His huge balls droop and his powerful man-root points to the target…my tight ass. He knows how to fuck a man and he is eager to ride me. As he begins to guide his giant penis slowly towards my virgin ass, this High Priest, Dr. Crumpton or “Big Mac” as his cultist brothers know him, smiles. He was no stranger, as were none of the men, to this dark and sinister setting. Instead they were “pillows of the community” now cloaked by the veil of the midnight hour. Powerful Wayne, the law enforcement man, firmly holds my shoulders and upper arms with vice-like grips. The naked High Priest murmurs, “Sexual pleasure is a sacred gift of our pagan penis god, THE BEAST…it is natural and should be cultivated.”