Sarcasm at it’s best

Some days ya just got to love the kind thought and creativity guys put into their sex profiles on some of the phone apps. Here is one of my recent favorite that captures the snarkiness and a cultural nuances that some find acceptable in profiles.


Michael Stokes’s book Bare Strength. Sex’s Up visions of sex

PHOTOS: Bare and Banned
Michael Stokes makes beautifully sexy photos. But his erotic and controversial images of Marine veteran amputees have both delighted and enraged fans.

I love the discomfort in his work and the way it affects viewers. It brings up various kinds of “isms” including “able-bodied” and body type. It challanges how people think “you should be” and expands sexiness. I commend this work I think it should push the boundaries more often. We are in society of such strong body imagery that we need more artists like this to break more of those inflexible “norms” of image & type. Now to get him to expand to include men of diverse size.

Our Pal Carl on Huff Post Live!

Check out our sexy pal Carl S of @Daddyhunt and @theMisterApp

Daddy Carl gets himself on Huffington Post Live (@huffpostlive) tomorrow (12/4) at 4:30!! As he talks on outdated notions of daddies and gay relationships


Intolerance is a global issue

More intolerance in the name of religeon to shine the spotlight on Egypt’s treatment of Gay men.

25 Men Arrested For Homosexuality In Bath House Raid


New UK Porn restrictions

Seems that while here in California California, we’ve that yet on-going “Whose dick is bigger” battle with the “numb nuts” over at the AHF foundation further pushing its campaign to put condoms in porn much of which is fabricated on vague in you window poor data and lack of any concrete accurate academic research by the way)

the UK is also starting some larger scale challenges around the content of porn and New changes that will have an effect on what content will look like for production houses.

Seems that water sports and fisting are the latest target in the UK porn changes