Stupid is as stupid does

Oh hell no.

I love how she makes sure to include “celebate” as she describes her lesbian self and her perspective on how gays can love and be loved wild “adhering” to church teaching. I’ll grant that it may be her story that they like to” feel that it’s a groundbreaking want to share” but yet once again it’s someone who’s broken who felt that they got healed and need to know frame it within this “Catholic paradigm”.

Gay and lesbian review in defense of grinder editorial

In October 2014 the gay lesbian review had a article about “grinders lonely crowd ” in the review the author, Fox offered a range of thoughts and “insight” some of which I totally felt were out of context and came from a an agenda to discredit some social sexual socializing. Some of his comments held elements of “puritanism” and specifically targeted the use of grinder. In this months issue they shared a really well-written letter of defense to the editor from Dennis Allman

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Hot Homo; Love it or hate it – sometimes creative cultural inclusion can be a good mess..

Cazwell is at it again..

He dropped a new one featuring Big Dipper – Hot Homo [A Freestyle Parody of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga”]

We are more than our dick size

Like body physique, body hair, muscle size, dick size continues to be an issue for many gay men.
As a culture we’ve proselytized the merits or the “bug dick”, eroticized it, but what we do in the end is make men who have smaller than average measures feel inadequate. Some of them work through it, finding comfidence in themself not judged by dick size, some of them bulk up in other areas, but then what remains our others who just feel that hyper focus on size adds one more level of poor self-esteem. Instinct recently ran an article about it…

Killer Among Us: Depression in the Men’s Community

with with Adam Schwenk, Charles Moser, Joe Gallagher, Cal Domingue, and Luke Adams

7:30 – 9:30 pm, November 5, 2014
Mr. S Studio, 385A 8th St., San Francisco
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Never in our program director’s memory have so many men so consistently requested a program on the same topic. The shock and sadness of a friend’s or community figure’s sudden suicide; the quiet shame of the heavy player nobody sees anymore, because he can’t get out of bed; the retreat from the community of the guy who doesn’t know how to explain, much less manage, what’s going on with his husband, and who loyally doesn’t want to embarrass him so he says nothing — it’s all too familiar to all too many of us by now.