Ever have on of those days when you wonder..

would anyone notice?

I’ve heard tell..

some guys this this is a mark of a good time that was had by all… I’m just saying. I’m thinking this would be a good moment to mention PrEP…



Look – a new rim chair???

OK – Yes, I know its designed as an inexpensive cool bungee chair – picked up any number of “Target” like stores.. But why am I thinking I know more than a few pals who would see this from an entirely different mindset and for a different range of uses…


“I Still Unload”: This Man Is a “Nullo” Who Removed His Penis and Balls

While not for everyone this is a particular story that’s been recently making the rounds around men who take a surgical approach to changing their bodies yet still be identified as male.

I met him several years ago and found him forth coming and clearly wanting to get folks to understand his perspective.

Read the fulll story of Gelding (NSFW)

IMG_2884-1.PNG Hires Eric Paul Leue as Director of Sexual Health & Advocacy

Some great news today thats finally out – Leatherman, health advocate and PrEP advocate Eric Paul Leue takes on his new role with

SAN FRANCISCO — announced today the hiring of Eric Paul Leue, a longtime advocate for sexual health and sexual rights, to be its Director of Sexual Health and Advocacy.

In his role at Kink, Leue will split his time between San Francisco and Los Angeles to work alongside existing efforts, be an additional resource especially for off-set prevention efforts, and build stronger ties between community health leaders and the adult community. He will also work for timely and responsible legislation to protect the well-being and personal rights of adult performers.

and if the couples one wasn’t bad enough…

look its a gay “jerry Springer” wannabe party in the making
springer wannabes

Im not impressed…

Because idiots with 19 kids, queens with too much money and now this sell tv


Isn’t that great.. now we can be as dysfunctional as the rest of reality TV
gay couples