GayMenSpeak and #TruvadaWhore trending this week.. oh yeah and a weasel that needs to be caged

Word is slowly getting out.  . New recruitment cards arrive mid week too!

10260607_10202580314762321_734806219_oInterested in participating – the research now allows for those out of the bay area to just take the online survey.

But a little stress building  as I move forward with all the recent controversy over the somewhat negative and judgmental approach of men who choose to use Truvada and it’s being called a “Party Drug” – on one hand shows me exactly why this kind of research is important. On the other, it also make me feel somewhat sensitive to the loud and often complex way gay men have grown to see leaders (gay or not) express opinions on sex and the ways we choose to take care of ourselves. More of that “Party Drug” issue can be found on buzzfeed . In fact it even prompted a movement; .KQED even did a radio spot on it;

More than one option

Get your lube & PrEP together? Check out some new efforts by @BridgeHIV & @joinprep #joinprep or visit


Sometimes enough is enough when bully’s don’t stop

More and more people it seems have had it with his arrogance and heavy-handed, judgemental approach and have taken it to the internet.

Remove Weinstein from AHF;


Its explore your “Prostate” time with local butt guru Charlie Glickman; May 21, 2014

Having been one of the originators of the Journey To Your Anus series back in the day with Eros owner Buzz Bense, and shaking up Herb Cain with my class for the old Harvey Milk Academy, i’m loving that Charlie is bringing a new voice to the exploration theme and that San Francisco’s  Handball Academy is supporting this event!

Are you curious about prostate play? Or maybe you’ve tried you’re tried it and want some tips to make it even more fun?

Shann Carr’s “AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!” Monday April 14th 7pm SF LGBT Center.

My old pal Shan Carr has a show coming up in SF. Her sassy comedic style and wit makes for an always outstanding time and has been the cause of more than one “wet spot” from laughter over the years.

Shann Carr’s “AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!” Monday April 14th 7pm LGBT Center.


GA GOP needs to look within or pull her head out of her ass…

... And you madam are a stupid, ignorant, brain-washed twat. I bet if someone looked closely into her life we’d find the source for her “concerns” based on her very own “less than” actions. Hows that line go.. “Let thy who casts the first stone…”


Time to talk sex & pleasure!

Are you ready to talk sex? GayMenSpeak is research project that is asking about gay, bi and trans men, sex & pleaure. For more information visit or join the Facebook group page; . Want to get on the mailing list? its pretty simple – click HERE or use the blue “Stay Informed” link on the website.

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