GayMenSpeak begins!

After a long haul I’v finally started my data gathering for my dissertation.

I’m exploring how we as gay men see our pleasure & sex.

Want to particapate? Visit h for details.

No stopping me now.


Can’t Remember if I posted on this – but worth the repeat comments; Is Discrimination on Grindr Killing Gay Sex?

Is Discrimination on Grindr Killing Gay Sex?

Huffpost put this out back in January and its been sitting in my inbox – sort of like a hang-nail. It worth reading – even if I think the bias and somewhat “closed-minded” lens the writer used with such words as “As more apps that serve more “niche” audiences appear, and the death of sex and intimacy through categorization looms” – it begs that we ask ourselves as gay men – why we use apps, what we want from them and how do then enhance our personal and sexual lives.

Boston’s Cornerstone Pub Cuts Off Sam Adams Beer After Brewery Makes Pro-Gay Stance

Haven’t they learned not to fuck with the money we bring in yet..

I appreciate the company for making this move to pull out (ok and yea they do have some pretty sexy men in the Sam Adams commercial – but I digress) . I am sure it cost them money – but think of the revenue its generating in Social media exposure and beer promotion this weekend in the gay bars….

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Gay Bikers Bump Uglies and Trip Out in Holopaw’s Latest ‘Dirty Boots’ Video

Just came across this and thought worth sharing.. Something about old school images


from the website;

The name Holopaw might not ring a bell for you if you’re a troglodyte with no taste. To fill your dumb ass in, the Gainesville, Florida–based band is fronted by queer indie rock veteran John Orth, who performed alongside Issac Brock of Modest Mouse in his weird-as-fuck side project, Ugly Casanova. Over the years, Holopaw has put out a bunch of dope releases. But their latest album, Academy Songs: Vol. 1, is especially weird and off-kilter and awesome.