More debate on PrEP as more men speak up

We arent whores, sick, looking for it or lazy. Taking PrEP is about taking control.

New post by Micheal Lucas on his taking PrEP from


Now this is a real-world venn diagram of relationships

Found this at it’s original blog post at – and while somewhat hetero-normative in its frame –  it covers a whole lot of good areas for discussion!

Not to mention the context;  “sexual informatics” now thats new science.


You saw it where?

Sometimes I just have to smile …”sex toy” shop tv.
I think this could be pulled off in SF. Think “QVC” for the sexually progressive and aware adult.


Weird Sex Laws? Map it!

I came across this and thought it was well worth the share.

I found it posted on

Is your sex life against the law? Better make sure. We’ve painstakingly compiled a map of all the most biarre and unnecessary laws regulating what you do, with whom, and where. Check out our complete map of all the weirdest laws regulating sex in America below.


Bias based fear mongering

While watching tv tonight I saw the clip below and thought well done but then I noticed the fine print indicating it was produced by “Virtue Media”. A faith based “pro life” church based production company that designed these adds to appeal to a persons fear and confusion while not mentioning its bias against a woman’s right to choose.


Because everyone should start a New Year with a rainbow

Found this online and new it would be perfect! Adds new meaning to the saying “let your fingers do the walking” doesn’t it?