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There’s no particular meaning to the size or color of the various areas; it’d be an impossible task to try to, for example, figure out how many furries there are compared to how many folks are into TENS units. Likewise, some of the activities listed could reasonably belong to more than one classification, and some things (like “gay sex”) are within the realm of knowledge of most folks but aren’t really activities per se (most sexual activities not requiring physical possession of a penis or a vagina can be done by people of any sex or sexual orientation). Nevertheless, when folks think of “sexual things to do,” gay sex does seem to be considered its own thing, even though it’s not actually an activity by itself, so it’s on the map–right across the Straits of Fear.

No friggen way.. otters?

First it was the gays and the bears. Now even Otters have a fan club generation.. The Hipsters have claimed them as the fun new item to have.


iGays are too sick…

Pal, blogger and all around thinker, Race Bannon recently posting this to a group page for discussion. below were some of my initial thoughts;

The original post appears: 

I have posted the content of the initial post below my thoughts.

Well the writer certainly has some “baggage that’s not going to fit in overhead” but the fact he starts off with the disclaimer gives me a thinking that some of this may just be him stirring the pot..

But I do think he’s targeting a few particular aspects of what being gay is thought of today for some.

Add One Part Naked and two Parts Basque Firemen!

Now how can you not stop and look. It sure does make a statement.. of course if SF Bart were to do it – I am not so sure it would have been the same statement.

Christmas In The Castro with SFGMC & Matt Alber

Rocken the house last night at the Castro theater was not only San Francisco’s own Gay Men’s Chorus @sfgmc (on Twitter) with three sold out shows, and the very, very sexy Matt Alber @mattalber (on twitter) also dropped by to do a guest number. If you haven’t ever seen or heard Matt then you really want to check out his youtube page after watching this number;


Battle against homophobia reaching a decisive time ahead of Sochi 2014

via the Telegraph

Sexual orientation will be a sporting battleground in 2014. In the country where the 1980 Moscow Olympics were a combat zone for the ideologies of East and West, the Winter Games at Sochi in February will be shaped by the struggle between homophobia and its opponents.

Two months after the BBC website ran with the headline, ‘Olympic diving star Tom Daley in relationship with man’ – following Daley’s YouTube disclosure about his private life – Russia’s attitude to homosexuals will be the unlikely focus of the Sochi Games, which the Putin administration wants to use as a showcase for post-Soviet Russia.

Shunga art “gay” art

Now this is propaganda art I would like to still see…

Homoerotic shunga from the early 20th century (artist unknown) via Tumblr today


Working on getting my Tumblr site linked today

Figured it might be work it to have more than the occasional dirty pic on it;

Bear Explosion’s Jingle Bears

They may be big goofs, and don’t always get the key right  – but they make me smile! Something we all need when life gets too serious!


Does God Believe in Atheists?

Mike at always manages to find some of the best video content to amuse me!

Does God Believe in Atheists?

God bless you Christwire…

you head is so far up your ass, you should be able to give yourselves an tonsillectomy – but at least you created some of the best examples of “parody of truth” marketing for a corrupt cause I have seen in a while!


HuffPost us on a roll this week on “non”-normalcy

Why I Never Want To Be Just Like Straight People (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Have you ever come across something that made you so furiously depressed that you wanted to punch your computer screen, scoop up the shards of glass, grind them into a fine powder, mix the powder into a bowl of chocolate pudding, eat the chocolate pudding and then wait impatiently for your insides to be shredded to pieces so that death will find you and you’ll no longer have to live on the same planet as the thing that triggered your meltdown?

December C*NT of the month x 2

For December I think two time winner Fox’s Hasselbeck and first timer Nicole Martin take this months C*NT of the Month aware. with Jack Phillips himself being a “hole” runner up as December’s Douchebag of the month.

His assertion that his making a cake for same sex marriage forces him to “participate” in the wedding because he feels that when he makes a cake it makes his part of the wedding…

Full Story here

PinGay: A New Social Way To Enjoy Gay Porn

Crap, yet on more way to stay distracted!

Via Huffington Post:


Fighting HIV Without Condoms?

Andrew Sullivan had an interesting blog post this week that echoes what is being said in many circles around the chronic vs crisis mentality of condom use and sex/love and pleasure for gay men.

Fighting HIV Without Condoms?

About fifteen years after most gay men figured it out, Mark Joseph Stern stumbles onto the truth that, with HIV no longer a death sentence in developed countries, the era of simply scaring gay men away from unprotected sex is over. And, unlike so many well-meant public health campaigns, he is prepared to tell the obvious truth:

What to get that piercing or body mod fan?

Long time pal and piercing “godfather” Jim Ward – reminded me today that his latest book Running the Gauntlet would make a perfect gift 

In fact purchasing it now via the website will get you  an autographed copy :


Gay Bros: A Unique Online Community for Men Struggling With Stereotypes

It poses an interesting avenue for some men – verdict is still out on it for me.

via The Good Men Project (!o5Cm0)

“On one of the internet’s most popular, and notorious, sites, a new community is bringing together gay men with old-fashioned tastes.

Gay atheists are two clicks away from trans hackers. Cross dressers occupy the same sidebar as gay gamers. A forum of same-sex parents shares the same website as a group of gay bros.
These are just a few of the myriad of queer subreddits that exist online; open equitable platforms for casual conversation and community construction. Anyone can become a moderator of one of these pages and anyone can contribute to the running dialogue. Subreddits have become refuges for people who often feel out of place in more mainstream LGBT conversations.”

Bizarre mag & Buck Angel Commercials 2013

Not much I want to say except – BRILLIANT!

Now this is how you want to promote the season…

a little xmas cheer from Andrew Chrsitian. While they don’t hit all the types of men out there – they do a nice sampling!