Movember “sip-n-dish” with Micheal Brandon

A buddy jumped in to help our Movember efforts our and developed this short clip when I shared with him some footage of a recorded chat between my self and local adult performer Michael Brandon on our 2013 “Movember” efforts here in San Francisco with our team #Stachekrieg. You can visit Michael on his Facebook page:

At the time of the filming Stachekrieg was 6th in the country – but as larger and more corp groups kicked into gear by the time of this posting our small 11 man, casual group was still holding at 11 in the country with over $23,560 raised.

Accidental “Complainer”

One of my fav blogger’s Mike at recently posted this youtube and it had me sitting here with a smile on my face.

Back to “tea”

So many don’t know how we’ve lost one key social construct from our past.

Sunday Tea-dance


SF Bare Essentials

Ive been meaning to post this for while

I came across this post and loved the concept!

from the site:
Wherever you’ve lived, you’ve probably always owned a light jacket. Once you live in San Francisco long enough, though, you realize that you’ve never quite needed a light jacket the way you need one here. (Jenna Maroney does a good job of coldly summing up exactly how deep and swift that need becomes upon moving to the Bay.)

Testicular Cancer Screening Fireman style – Movember style

Its such a shame we can’t seem to come up with cool content in the states! Thank You!
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SF radio personality sends a shout out for #movember team

Local SF radio personality sends a shout out for #movember team

Bay Area radio personality and one half of the Fernando & Greg morning show on 99.7 NOW, sent us a shout out to help us promote men’s health awareness as part of the Movember movement and our team website as we raise funds for men’s testicular & prostate cancer and mental health awareness.

Visit for more of Fernando or visit them on Facebook

Check out this video on YouTube:

Promotion via Apps

Hey… I know it’s @scruffapp but they “opened the door” by comenting, so I might as well share the message about #Movember and offer!

my Movember page

Or checkout our Team Page



Team Stachekreig

Have you checked out the Stachekrieg team page? Http://


We will keep it up

Got this from one of our steadfast Mo husbands who are standing by us during this time of folicular scareness shared this. Thanks Lance.


We’ done it

We did it! From this(


To this!


Won’t you support our effort;
Team Stachekrieg

Rebel With A Cause Bears

Woohoo. Another great plug supporting why I’ve a scratchy face !

Blogger Mike Ender of posted today on our Bay Area Movember Team efforts for Men’s health. Visit the post here: Rebel Bears For A Cause

Still time to donate to the cause! We will be growing our staches in through November!
Http:// or visit my Mo Page

If you haven’t checked out do so. Its always one of my fav follows.


Shaving for Men’s Health


Check out my thank you to Joe & Jonathan of Joes Barbershop for helping us be part of #Movember #Stachekrieg on YouTube

Or visit for more on our team efforts to raise funds for mens health or my own page here