Can you Keep your D*ck dry?

oh my!
D*ck Maintenance – Banned Commercial!

Glenn Beck Tells Parents To Physically Bully Kids So They Know Rights Come From God

This ignorant piece of trash continues to push violence in the name of god. Oh to see how devine retribution will be at his judgement day… He will burn in hus iwn hell someday.

For the full story: here


Twerking? Must Be Hump Day


Catch the latest parody on Twerking – ahh the things that seem to just keep going! But @MissSherryVine does a killer job with this and even has a guest pop culture pop-in…

Traveling & Gay in Russia for the games

You might want to check out the Travel.State.Gov website; The have a special circumstance section now;


Chastity Bites meets Elizabeth Bathory

(Los Angleles, CA – ­ October 1, 2013) ­ Weirdsmobile Productions is thrilled to unleash the Official Trailer for CHASTITY BITES in anticipation of its Digital and Cable release from GRAVITAS VENTURES on November 1, 2013. Check it out here:

CHASTITY BITES has been traveling the world with having its European premiere this past weekend at the 19th edition of the Lund International Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden and even winning the Best Directing Award at 2013 Montreal HorrorFest this past Summer. The film continues to jet-set across the country at multiple festivals with upcoming screenings at the Spooky Movie International Horror Festival in Washington D.C. and Orlando Film Festival. The film will also be available on home video in February 2014 from Grand Entertainment.

Interactive Alone Time

This Halloween, Downtown Los Angeles will become home to one of the most unnerving psychological experiences the city has ever seen.

Upcoming attraction achieves Kickstarter goal and reveals additional information as it gears up to infuse Los Angeles’s nightlife with terror. Official trailer launches on YouTube.

Power Bottoming Exposed (With Tongue-in-Cheek)”

Via EdgeOnLine

While looking around the web, the article “Power Bottoming,” The Most
Disturbing New Trend in American Homosexuality” instantly caught our
attention. If it’s a trend that Christian Conservatives are writing
about, then we’re on it (so to speak).

Always need to see the irony in pop culture… Ass Washing has its own song

Caught this on the very cool blog Accidental Bear and just couldn’t resist repost here.

It comes up a lot in dialogues I have and always find it very funny all the different ways men (gay or straight) handle the ass wash thing. Some its just part of the business of getting clean – others its a warfare.. yet still others its a science to get the old poop shoot ready for action.

I can’t wait for Coven

Are you getting ready?
Via @FANGORIA: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN aims to educate with Voodoo featurette
See the video here:


When the Rainbow Isn’t Enough–Sex Edition

When the Rainbow Isn’t Enough–Sex Edition

Looking good on the outside but feeling bad on the inside. What does the recent wave of suicides among gay porn stars say about the gay adult film industry…and the gay male community in general? Join a free town hall meeting on adult gay suicide hosted by The San Francisco Gay Men’s Community Initiative.

Panelist Include: Michael Brandon, Element Eclipse, Michael Soldier, Frank Stona, Mr. Pam. Moderated by Timothy Vollmer.

Like all “When the Rainbow Isn’t Enough” events, the forum is open to everyone and all perspectives are welcome.

Anti Porn Revenge Bill signed

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill outlawing so-called revenge porn and levying possible jail time for people who post naked photos of their exes after bitter breakups.



Had to watch it twice to get the real impact

The Spring Exhibition 2012 at Charlottenborg in Copenagen.
The Humping Pact humped Charlottenborg for the opening.