Campus preacher Brother Dean Saxton; Douchebag of the month

This is dangerous territory that is now moving from not just lgbt folks but women who have confidence.

We need to get Academics and administrations to respond on this growing trend of intolerance

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Campus preacher Brother Dean Saxton displayed the above sign at the University of Arizona, telling the student newspaper, “If you dress like a whore, act like a whore, you’re probably going to get raped. I think that girls that dress and act like it, they should realize that they do have partial responsibility, because I believe that they’re pretty much asking for it.” Think Progress notes that Saxton responded to a campus protest about sexual violence on his Twitter account.”

DA Agrees to New Condoms Policy [SF]

California Stories:
Breaking: DA Agrees to New Condoms Policy
Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco) (04.11.13):: Seth Hemmelgarn

George Gascón, San Francisco’s district attorney (DA), has agreed to a permanent ban on the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution. He notified Theresa Sparks, executive director of the city’s Human Rights Commission, of this decision in a letter dated March 30, which stated that prosecutors will no longer use condoms as physical evidence in criminal prostitution cases. Jeff Adachi, public defender, agreed that it is a good policy that police and prosecutors will no longer treat carrying condoms as evidence of prostitution. This letter ended a temporary ban on collecting or photographing condoms in cases of suspected prostitution or of discussing them in court, which was in effect since October and had been extended for another three months in January while Gascón examined the issue.

Labels no more…

As someone who has struggled with labels, both those I’ve put on myself and those that academic, national and cultural groups attempt to put on me either for funding, bio medical or simply because of an innate urge to quantify widgets.. this was a powerful reminder to those in power, research and policy that labels don’t tell you who we are – they just tell you how we are counted.

Hows your Pussy

Pal and fellow kinkster Glora Brame posted this on her site and it just fit my humour of the day


Bacterial Meningitis for Gay Men in San Francisco

SFAF recently posted info from its Medical Director of Magnet. This is in responce to the recent death in So Cal of gay man from bacterial meningitis. NYC had several cases of gay men die back in the fall but this appears to be 1st one in CA.

The Facts About Bacterial Meningitis for Gay Men in San Francisco


Antoniou’s The Killer Wore Leather; Reading at Good Vibrations April 18

SF locals get a chance to check out Laura Antoniou and The Marketplace Series with a reading from The Killer Wore Leather

More Facebook tops

From the current issue of California Teachers Association on Facebook Tip.

Here’s an online version A pal hunted down as well… a bit easier to read.


On Alert for Meningitis in Los Angeles

A word to the wise if you are traveling to New York. Now with the first case happening in So Cal since the New York cases hit in Dec – its time for men to see your medical providers – especially with IML and Pride weekends happening soon

For local men in SF, check out


I’m Not Gay Friday!

Published on 1 Apr 2013
J Pee created by Jesse Pepe
written and performed by: Jesse Pepe

21 years of safe sex @ Eros SF

Come and celebrate 21 years of safe sex and the history and mission of EROS-the Center for Safe Sex. We are excited to have a blessing by Sister Connie Pinko, of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and hope to have many old, current and new friends at this event. Light refreshments served.

Did you know that last week was LGBT Health Awareness Week?

Well it was… this was a worthwhile article to review. See the link for the full posting
Health Equality: Our New Opportunity

Last week was LGBT Health Awareness Week, the one week set aside each year to stress the importance of LGBT health. Coincidentally, most of our community was awash in a sea of red and pink equal signs on Facebook to show their solidarity for marriage equality. Given the historic nature of the arguments, this was all well, good, and necessary, but raises the question for all of us: Where do we stand when it comes to our health equality?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Same Love”

A perfect way to open the weekend!
with a little in your face reality… set to music

Vaccines Produce Homosexuality, Says Italian Scientist Gian Paolo Vanoli

Italian Scientist Claims Vaccines ‘Produce Homosexuality’

via HuffPost Gay Voices

An Italian scientist is aruging that vaccinations produce homosexuality. Gian Paolo Vanoli, a 70-year-old scientist, journalist and opponent of vaccinations, says that vaccines make people gay. Vanoli, who’s a proponent of alternative medicine, recently spoke with Vice Italy’s Matthew Lenardon about his ideals. Via a Huffington Post translation of the Vice interview: