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More thoughts on BF’s who use sexual network sites

Recently Huffington Post blogger Zach Stafford put out his rather specific opinion on the ethics of cyber sex sites and the appropriate metrics of boyfriends whose the site. So while I don’t agree that it’s his place to take screen shots of his pals bf’s he may come across as a “just in case”. He does offer some food for thought.

“Should your boyfriend post on Grindr


Gay Marriage – good for business, better for the health of couples, and I have a bridge for sale..

I’m sorry. I do agree we should have the right to marry – even it I choose not too. But I do also see it as a way to push not only a normalized view of sex and relationships – its also a way into our pocketbooks.

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Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland Will Be Good for Business


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Now that Maryland voters have upheld a law approving same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian couples can start planning to hold their weddings in the Old Line State. And with the law going into effect next January 1, wedding-related businesses are expecting a healthy boost. 

yet another on the almighty gay $$’s that marriage brings

This out of Huffington Post


Gay Marriage And The Economy: Same-Sex Unions Will Boost Economy By $166 Million, Study Finds

Posted: 11/12/2012 4:52 pm EST Updated: 11/12/2012 4:57 pm EST

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Gay Marriage Economy

t’s not just same-sex couples in Maine, Maryland and Washington who are celebrating the recent legalization of gay marriage — the state treasury also has something to sing about. New research suggests that marriage equality will boost the states’ economies in a big way.

The Williams Institute at UCLA Law reported Monday that wedding spending by same-sex couples in the three newest states to approve gay marriage may generate more than $166 million over the next three years.

You know we’ve become cliche when we hit the soaps

This out from Metroweekly

Days of our Lives’ to air gay ‘sex scene’ this week

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Days of Our Lives Sonny and Will

NBC is currently running promos for a “Days of Our Lives” storyline which will feature two gay men in a sex scene. The characters, Will and Sonny (played byChandler Massey and Freddie Smith) can be seen shirtless and kissing in bed,

This latest gay soap couple almost had sex a few episodes ago, but Will’s father, Lucas (played by Bryan Dattilo), angrily interrupted them in bed. After Sonny left the scene, Lucas confronted Sonny about pushing his son too fast.