Jonny McGovern “What To Do If Someone Calls You A Fag”

This is sure to offend someone! But it sure made my day.

Everyone’s Fav Mistress of the Dark – gets her own comic!

In keeping with todays rather dark theme – a light note; Elvira, @TheRealElvira Mistress of the Dark plans new series of Elvira comic books set to debut in 2013 . I have to say I can’t wait – anytime I get to enjoy her work – it brightens my mood.. and heaven knows it needs brightening somedays.

For more details – Celebrate the “Queen of Halloween’s” favorite season and visit the deliciously, mind-bending lairs of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at


For additional information, contact Scott D. Marcus:

Sounds like a fun event @LiteratePervert: Godless…

Sounds like a fun event @LiteratePervert: Godless Perverts Story Hour – San Francisco, CA Sat Nov 17 @CentrSexCulture…

Best part of October? #amcfearfest and 30 days of…

Best part of October? #amcfearfest and 30 days of horror!

RT @NCSF: PA court rules father should not have be…

RT @NCSF: PA court rules father should not have been deprived of custody based on past polyamorous relationship…

Thats what republican $’s and conservative lies te…

Thats what republican $’s and conservative lies teach RT @shawndecker: Was told on FB that #HIV can be transmitted via French kissing.

About friggen time is all I can say. RT @webLGBT:…

About friggen time is all I can say. RT @webLGBT: Doctors Call on Medical Schools to Teach LGBT Health:

@PeachesChrist show @castrotheater Tonights show;…

@PeachesChrist show @castrotheater Tonights show; Death Becomes Her

@PeachesChrist @Heklina pulled off an incredible…

@PeachesChrist @Heklina pulled off an incredible show tonight. Funny, sharp and tight performances by all!

PeachesChrist put a new spin on “Death Becomes Her” and wears it well!

For many of us, the  1992 surprise camp classic of “Death Becomes Her” epitomizes the tension, humor and darkly real pursuit of “Being Forever young” gay men can sometimes fall prey to… then again look at the Kardashians and you might see a few similarities.. but thats for another day..

For its 20th anniversary local larger than life performer PeachesChrist brings a creative team with costar  and Tranyshack’s own Heklina along with  a crew of the Bay Areas more creative peroformers such a Lady Bear , D’arcy Drollinger, L. Ron Hubby, along with appearances by Cousin Wonderlette, Dulce De Leche,  for a night of pure fun.

LDG Presents” “THE MYTH OF SEX ADDICTION” David Ley, Ph.D.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012   7:30 pm – 9:30 pm @ Mr S. Playspace, 385A Eighth Street

The author of the controversial new book THE MYTH OF SEX ADDICTION presents his research and thesis on why “sex addiction” is a dangerous social concept, based in an intrinsic fear and pathologization of male sexuality, and seized upon by morality groups as a tool to exert control over others’ sexuality.

The “cheekyness” of this made my day; Male Pin-ups

Men Photographed in Classic Pin-Up Poses


Men-Ups! is a photo series by photographer Rion Sabean that spoofs stereotypical gender roles in a hilarious way. The photographs feature men doing classic pin-up poses that are commonly associated with femininity. These images really make you realize just how ridiculous some of these supposed “sexy” poses are.

Rion is a 26 year old BFA student at the University of South Florida with a focus in photography. In an article on the Huffington Post, Rion says of his series “I hope to have the viewer question their responses and why they feel the reaction that they do, and to associate those feelings with an understanding of societal brainwashing. Mainly, I want my audience to ask two things: why is it considered sexy for a woman to pose in such ways, and why isn’t it sexy for a man to do the same?”

Gay Bashing Isn’t Working For Membership

very good piont on gay bashing and churches on Huffington Post

Gay bashing by churche is why a new pew poll shows america losin its religion


Because sometimes you have to applaud creativity…

Loven’ this advert from the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco t that was out during Fair Month. Have to commend the designers.

In it’s

simplest form – it scored bigger than the all out attempt that SFAF used with its Many Shades of Gay  campaign by it’s  targeted “social labels” with the use of avatars which also launched last month.

and the “nude” debate gets better…

Above: A hand-held sign message for the 2012 NUDE IN on 9.22.12 at Noon.
Reports have been coming in for the past several weeks that the SFPD is trying another tactic to force the nudists out of Castro Commons Plaza.  The concept is the brainchild of a sergeant from the local police sub-station.  The pitch from uniformed officers informs selected naked men that wearing a cock ring in public is lewd as it draws undue attention to the genitals.  Naked guys are further informed that if they are seen wearing a cock ring they will face arrest for lewd conduct.  If you are a nudist and wear a cock ring, will this threat change your behavior?
A recent poll taken in the BNIP Yahoo Group asked the following questions and garnered responses as noted, (poll reprinted with permission).  Votes are in order by percentage as of 8.19.12.
What is your opinion of public nudists wearing cock rings?
38%: A cock ring is just jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet.
23%: Saying a cock ring is lewd and draws attention to a penis is like saying earrings draws attention to earlobes.
10%: Guys wear cock rings in public so their dick looks bigger and for no other reason.
7%: If you’re a nudist and your nudity is non-sexual, then what do you need a sexual aid like a cock ring for?
5%: When it’s really cold a cock ring can help keep blood in your penis.
5%: I’m conflicted about this issue; I see both sides of the argument.
3%: Cock rings are really uncomfortable; I don’t know how anyone wears one for long.
3%: It degrades the assertion that “Nude is not Lewd” when men wear cock rings while naked in public.
1%: I don’t have an opinion about this issue.
1%: My opinion is not reflected in this poll.

One “dick” I’d like to see covered up…

Local City Supervisor Scott Weiner is dead wrong to continue to push this agenda and I think he may have finally awakened a sleeping dragon over something as silly as “cockering” on naked men..

Above: A group of nudists protest on the roof of the Walgreens building at the corner of Eighteenth and Castro Streets during the Castro Street Fair on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

We’ve been getting reports all day of the amazing rooftop nude protest staged by the Radical Faeries during the annual Castro Street Fair.  Besdies stripping naked, the group hung banners from the building.  It took a while, but the police scaled the building to attempt arrests, (no arrests were made).  Later, long-time community activist Jason Villalobos and a group of nude faeries confronted Supervisore Scott Wiener in the crowd and there was a terse altercation.  (thanks to Tommi Avicolli Mecca for sharing this information, and thanks to CS for the sharing the images).

Tired of being the “only gay” at the office that is supposed to set the cultural competency?

Check out my pals at Out & Equal or visit them on Facebook  or twitter @outandequal and see what they can bring into your workplace.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is committed to ending employment discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. We believe that people should be judged by the work they do, not by their sexual orientation or gender identity. Every day, we work to protect and empower employees to be productive and successful—so they can support themselves, their families, and contribute to achieving a world free of discrimination for everyone. “

Crap.. Tourist Hell Is Upon Us

Too much of a good thing…


Its hard when something you support it linked to messaging that you find judgmental…

Im a huge supporter of the FDA’s recent move to allow Pre-exposure prophylaxis more commonly called PrEP as one more way for guys to take a more active effort for HIV prevention that extend the old “just use condom” messaging. But I have to say, not only is the message making a forced link between “love” and protection. It ignores sex for the sake of sex. Which I feel isnt about love all the time – but still deserves to have as much protection for those that enjoy the more casual fun.y the SFAF’s new “Love May have a new Protector” info-mercial like site is leaving me frustrated