All that I hate with “Reality Based” TV

I’ve caught the new Honey Boo Boo show and have to say whiel the people themsleves can capture you and repell you in 4o mins. Its the complexity of the lives they lead, especially when the magic of editing to sell time and episodes may “white Trash” look like the landfill.

One opinionists pegs a few of my feelings can captured some of the complexity of the situation;

August 27, 2012

Slate: What ‘Honey Boo Boo’ says about American culture

By Michelle

NEW YORK — Somehow America always goes a little off the rails in the allegedly slow month of August, and this year’s party is as wild as any. Republicans can’t figure out how babies are made; cutting-and-pasting a passage from The New Yorker into your Newsweek column is no longer a fireable offense; and all the way down in McIntyre, Ga., there is a mother who feeds her child a Mountain-Dew-and-Red-Bull concoction before the 6-year-old gets onstage at beauty pageants.

June Shannon, who stars with her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson in TLC’s controversial hit “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” would have provoked a firestorm even if what she calls “go-go juice” were the only sin she was broadcasting all over Christendom. All that caffeine, pop-culture commentators everywhere clucked, and all that sugar.

SF Welcomes the legendary Olivia Newton-John.

Ready to get your “retro” on?

Local entertainer and former Empress, Donna Sachet is putting out the “open sling-back” for the legendary Olivia Newton-John.

Planned as her only Northern California Appearance- September 13 • 8:00 P.M.
SHN Golden Gate Theatre • San Francisco, CA

Tickets on-sale now at, and Charge by phone 888-746-1799


Go to click on the Buy Tickets button for Olivia Newton-John and enter the promo code ONJ6 to receive 20% off your ticket purchase.

Courtesy of Donna Sachet and Rick Bartalini Presents.

Treasures from the Center for Sex and Culture w/Carol Queen & Robert Lawrence

Wednesday, August 22, 2012   7:30 pm – 9:30 pm @ Mr S. Playspace, 385A Eighth Street

photo by Efrain John Gonzalez

An evening with the co-founders and principals of San Francisco’s premier resource for all things sexual, the wondrous and underappreciated Center for Sex and Culture. Its mission: “to provide judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum. From our San Francisco home we promote creativity, information and healthy sexual knowledge.”




 Featuring Rena Riffel (the real Penny/Hope from the film “Showgirls) as Nomi Malone!

Special afternoon matinee of SHOWGIRLS 2: PENNY’S FROM HEAVEN, for reals!!!

(San Francisco, August 3, 2012) Peaches Christ Productions presents the fifteenth anniversary screening and pre-show extravaganza of “SHOWGIRLS: The Peaches Christ Experience.” For one special night, your hostess Peaches Christ (starring as CristalConners) and her company of dancing ‘ghouls,’ will kick-off the night with the “Volcanic Goddess” pre-show, featuring Rena Riffel (the original Penny/Hope from Verhoven’s film) as Nomi Malone. This musically interactive, extravaganza is guaranteed to blow the roof off the CASTRO THEATRE on AUGUST 25. 2012 at 8:00 pm and you’d be ‘brown rice & vegetable’ crazy to miss this outrageous “KIKI,” which has sold-out in the last couple of years.

Are You The Hammer Or The Nail?

While going through some old files I came across this article I wrote and thought it was worth reposting for a new generation of players.

Are You The Hammer Or The Nail?

Like any specialized group of folks, the leather and kink crowd has its own set of labels to identify the wide assortment of positions, techniques and ways to get off.   But before you plan on trapping your next fuck, it’s a good idea to take some time to clue into some of this specialized sex jargon.

France Joli’s Summer Hit “Hallelujah’.

Leading CumShot today:

Disco Diva France Joli will be in Ptwn signing her special ptwn pressing of the summer surprise hit, Maxi club Remix of Leonard Cohens “Hallelujah’.

Limited press run, $19.99 and only avail only at PTown Spin

According to Ptwn Spin CD music store, “with Carnival starting tomorrow we came together as a joint effort between France and Spin to have an exclusive on the 5 mix Single.

The Club single will be available at P Town Spin CD Shop and also at the Meet and Greet on Grand Opening Day on Monday at Town Hall or visit our Facebook page for PTown Spin to get order details.

Divas, Disco & Summertime Fun

As we set into the grey foggy water of Provincetown on the ferry, i took a moment to refect on ehich stories from the last two weeks will make their to the CR blog.

But this image I tool sets the tone as we head for home


Jack Fertig/Sister Boom Boom. February 21st, 1955 – August 5th, 2012

Finding this out tonight via the twitter post from @CentrSexCulture caused me to stop and remember..

I remember working with Jack over 15 year ago when I first came to San Francisco to work at the original Bear Magazine.

His sharp wit and impish nature always prompted those around him to question and push for equality and freedom.

While I hadnt much contact with him in several years. But I kept up on his political activism for social equity via his posts and writing.

We have lost an important part of our lgbt history this week.

Sometimes I love stumbling on a new take on an old theme

Recently while cruising around I ran into the website for the PublicJerker. Now it would appear our buddy here has a real “hard-on” so to speak for those public encounters and performances. I must say I rose to the occassion while checking out his blogger site, tumblr account and while not as current, his twitter feed. You can see more of him and his clips at his website 

A few things to know before hand.. this is definitely a NSFW series of links, and he is selling the majority of the clips and steaming access. But I don’t know him or the system. I just happened upon the site and appreciate the effort!

Perspectives on Maleness & Sexuality

Finding different perspectives on how we see sexuality for men is an often overlooked part of our understanding of the fluid nature of sex and the pleasure (and sometimes not-so much) results that accompany the process. I came across the blog and after reading several of his posts thought that that expressed an interesting perspective worth sharing and offereing.

The August 1 post is on Masculine Identity


Creating our own Masculine Identity

Posted on 

Have Some Manners Please…

My opportunity to mouth off about fagdom’s shocking lack of manners at sex clubs.

My old time Buddy Bruiser asked me if I was willing to post this “punch list” for sex club manners – I agreed but be warned I don’t agreed with all of them. But appreciated that he actually thought enough to push this out! –CR


Once I started listing the things that really piss me off, I realized the situation was too infuriating to be corrected with simple suggestions. Thus, I’m going off the deep end with my little primer entitled:

Some things will always remind you of being a kid.

One of the few things I miss in the part of CA I live in, is the lack of a donut.

Now I understand that donuts like coffee and pizza is a subjective thing that is shaded by culture and upbringing often evoking memories of times past. But for me, not having a local Dunkin Donuts is one of those “I wish that..” moments. Its one of the two things that I remember growing up as “touchstones” to my youth. The first thing I look for (well second after coffee) when I lget off a plan in the closer east I get.

New Kinky Queer Community in the North Bay Forming…

A new group and munch dedicated to the Kinky Queer Community in the North Bay is forming. Please feel free to share the group and munch with those interested to help get the ball rolling.

See the group here:

The first munch on August 9. We need all the support we can get! Check out the event here:

Thank you!

Sometimes we have to look backwards to appreciate the context of today…