Getting your “RUB” on in Palm Springs

So while downing Palm Springs this last few days, I finally took the advance of long time pal and fellow former Bulk Make, BQ and Bear/Powerplay Magazines staffer Scott to check out his partners massage practice here in the dessert. Given that this was supposed to me a relaxing, creative few days focused on me (not my dick.. mostly) I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

I contacted Greg as his new website features his grand opening of his new spa service called 777Retreat, located at the Retreat San Lorenzo, here in Palm Springs. Even better that its literally a block away from where I stay at the always welcoming Triangles Inn (more of that later).

Where do you stand on today’s Kink/Fetish lecture/educational models?

Longtime pal and fellow kinkster, Race Bannon recently shared on his blog some thoughts on where we are going in the role of education in the fetish & Kink scene. As someone who made a living at it for many years. I appreciated many of his points and the questions he raised as they have echoed much of my thoughts over the last few years as I read and see changes and new adaption to models.  Its well worth the time to read, as well as review some of the comments that followed.

Are Our Educational Efforts Backfiring?

by RACE BANNON on JUNE 19, 2012

Comparing a Republican with an STD… I like that..

For some of you who don’t me – you won’t understand the humor I find in this!

Smartphone Networking Apps; the never ending update affair

One of our pals, the ever visable face of Scruff, the social networking app that recently droppedi ts v3 update with new features, along with its new service option update & fee structure is back in the news at queer blogsite Queerty

While I have most of the apps out for social & sexual network – even with its occassional hiccups and sometimes confusing fee structure. They remain my preferred goto app for keeping “up” with the boys.


Pink Mince

While hitting the Tumblr trail recently I came across the Pink Mince zine. with a repost of “Robert Mapplethorpe and friends hang out in the West Village in 1978, as caught on film by amateur photographer Leonard Fink. Part of a set of images Fink captured of men at rest and at play around the West Village in the late ’70s, featured in the most recent issue of Pink Mince.”

 So being the good gay that I am, I followed true self-promotion and checked out Pick Mince – It immediately struck home from with what I could see on its website so I eagerly took the plunge a purchased two issues to check it out. More to come on them once they arrive from across the pond.

Forever Marilyn.. Palm Springs

Gotta luv Palm Springs … Want to increase tourism? Commission a huge statue so people can say they stood between the legs of Marilyn Monroe!

. Imagine if we did that with a male icon in the castro?

Hmm now thats a fundraiser…

Forever Marilyn





Rethinking MSM and the Politics of Identity in HIV Prevention

Call For Gay Bloggers

There has been considerable debate in the HIV/AIDS community around the
category of “MSM,” and more broadly the conceptualization of
“risk-behavior,” vs “community/identity.” There are those that believe that
terms like gay and bisexual create a barrier for some men that might desire
and have sex with other men, but resist labeling themselves as such. Others
have argued that terms like MSM reduce gay men to a risk category and rob
them of a culture, history, and community. With the intention of opening up
this dialogue and mapping a way forward, we are also seeking submissions
for our blog that address these arguments.

RT @RectalMicro: “- join IRMA …

RT @RectalMicro: “- join IRMA 4 free global teleconf Thur on latest in #rectalmicrobicide research #HIV

Some sunday reading RT @DirkHo…

Some sunday reading RT @DirkHooper: Initiating a Discussion About BDSM with a Vanilla Partner | Submissive Guide

One of my pals in action RT @D…

One of my pals in action RT @DrDickSexAdvce: It’s Pride Month! Sharing thoughts and concerns of the LGBT community.

Get Your Apron On!

Today while enjoying a perfect saturday sunny day in Castro I met the talented Agustin Estrella. For you locals, you can check out his fun line of “tongue in cheek” aprons or better yet, get a custom one just in time for those “pants optional” days soon upon us.

Agustin will have a booth on Saturdays for the next few weeks.


@huffpostgay list of 25 films …

@huffpostgay list of 25 films for lgbt Pride has grown to 50! Add your fave!

RT @JoeMyGod: SF To Get Gay Sp…

RT @JoeMyGod: SF To Get Gay Sports Bar: And it’s called Hi Tops. “You don’t have to be a jock .

Worth a trip for sure RT @leat…

Worth a trip for sure RT @leatherarchives: Seattle Erotic Art Festivals decade of love and lust | | Fremont News:

Clever and sure to piss a few prople off..

But gotta say I love the image. Will be checking out the links posted here next:Bareback Dictionary


Im over all the remakes due ou…

Im over all the remakes due out period ! Hollywood needs an injection of creative originality RT @JACKIEBEAT: Re: The “Carrie” remake

More on the latest in performe…

More on the latest in performer testing RT @FSCArmy: An important announcement on performer testing from Manwin #FSC

Will Clark on CAZWELL’s “Rice and Beans” official video directed by Marco Ovando

So one of my fav bloggers and adult personalities, the ever sexy fucker Will Clark, posted on his blogsite Will Clark World last night, Cazwell’s “Rice & Bean’s” and sure glad he did – it added just the right amount of humor to my night.. for Will’s post vist the here

Secretary Clinton Video Message for Pride Month

Fundamental freedoms for LGBTS

I sent a tweet out earlier about this – here is the Youtube from it!

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers a video message for Pride Month. A text transcript can be found at

Keeping the discussion alive R…

Keeping the discussion alive RT @huffpostgay: WATCH: Hillary Clinton honors Pride month