I wonder.. do west coast strai…

I wonder.. do west coast straight men who dress, act & sport hair like “Pauly D” of j shore fame know how stupid it looks?

Time to fan the new @filmDARKS…

Time to fan the new @filmDARKSHADOWS facebook fanpage

Love or hate Savage’s It Gets …

Love or hate Savage’s It Gets Better, the SFGMC’s Testimony is worth a watch with its new viral hit #EWicked

Whiney little bastard isn’t he? Robertson’d: “Demonic Possession” rant

I don’t  know – just the opening whine is too funny.. it’s a shame its sincere……
Highlights from The 700 Club’s story on an “ex-gay” man, who Pat Robertson said suffered from “demonic possession.”



Abercrombie & Fitch goes it one step further…

If you ask the executives and marketing whizzes at Abercrombie & Fitch about their latest promotional videos, they’ll probably smile wryly and tell you they are all about wrestling.
But ask a gay blogger extraordinaire and he will point you right to the kiss between two buff boys grinding all over each other in the shower in the Bruce Weber-directed Two Balls video.
Wrestling, riiight. Wrestling naked with gay kisses in the shower. You know, like straight boys do.
Not that we’re complaining!
Go watch the video HERE and then hurry back to tell us what you think about it in the comments below. or read up on Homorazzi’s post

ok – now how come we don’t get rhinestone artwork!

HARD-UP Birmingham City Council is putting £10,000 towards the cost of a rhinestone-encrusted model of a rhinoceros to mark the entry to the city’s Gay Village.

The diamante-studded bling beast will stand at the junction of Bromsgrove Street and Hurst Street to celebrate the gateway to the Gay Village area.

It has been partly-funded by Birmingham’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group and the leftover cash from previous grants made by the city council as part of the Big City Plan to revitalise the city centre.

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A hole with a head…

Given me a friggen break! As if she needed any help being a homophobic, ignorant, simpleton


As if she needed any help bein…

As if she needed any help being a homophobic, ignorant, simpleton.

Wanna guess how this is gonna get used?

Found this while making a visit discount foods today. Of course it caught eye…


@kilkerleather hey sexy!

@kilkerleather hey sexy!

@MrSamuelColt agreed. Going on…

@MrSamuelColt agreed. Going on 20 here. Afterworking in the field, ive seen it rise & reduce. But its important to see the its doable w/out

Its a shame that its come to t…

Its a shame that its come to that reputation too RT @MrSamuelColt: “oh you are from San Francisco? Want some meth?”

Three Cherry Night

Can’t even being to tell ya when last time I was asked to take someone’s cherry. Let alone three of them….


Mom’s On The Raw

Im sure they (the Mom’s) are lovely people with good intent… but I wonder if the have any clue….


Support comes from all types o…

Support comes from all types of need – fire at Joes shop last week. Joe’s Barbershop Fire Assistance Fund

Trans reaction on hidden camera series What Would You Do?

The is a clip from the new ABC observational “reality” show “what would you do” episode where they are setting a young trans coming our to his mom in public and look for wha happens in the space around them. While I wanted to hate the show based on the premise. I was surprised at how I responded to the reactions of some of the diners.


An invite to the table @CDC_Dr…

An invite to the table @CDC_DrFenton: Join #CommEngage #ATL on 3/20 ideas on #sexualhealth among #gay bi men of color

Tak tsk RT @TheAdvocateMag: P…

Tak tsk RT @TheAdvocateMag: Principal Quits After Allowing Antigay Band to Play at School

Joe’s Barbershop Fire Assistance Fund

Joe Gallagher put his heart into creating a Barbershop that would serve as a place fur us to feel good inside and out.
As someone who has a family history with old-school Barbershops and Beauty Salons, Joe knew the importance that gay owned business serve in the city. He has offered the space for community and social gatherings, created an entire wall for community events to be shared and even remembers to have treats for the 4-legged pals of his shops customers.
All too often we have seen our own, fall for reasons we can’t control, from health issues to violence and now fire. When one of us hurts, we each take on a bit of that hurt as well- but today you have a chance to reach out and help a group of men take a moment, see how they are appreciated, and start the healing as they start the process to rebuild.
Please join Race Bannon, Me and those of us who love and support all the guys at JoesBarbershop  get through the next few months.

I’m making a donation to Joe’s…

I’m making a donation to Joe’s Barbershop Fire Assistance Fund on WePay! via @WePay