Curing Pornophobia; How Watching Pornography Can Change Your Life

Curing Pornophobia; How Watching Pornography Can Change Your Life
Published on January 22, 2012 by Stanley Siegel, LCSW in Intelligent Lust

This interesting article was posting on the Psychology Today website Blog and has a particular spin that I think captures great content for dialogue, debate and discussion.

The great majority of us watch pornography. Nearly 87 per cent of men and 76 per cent of woman are said to have visited adult entertainment sites. In fact, pornography drives the economy of the Internet and our appetite for it has led to Internet innovation.
That sex sells is hardly a startling discovery. But what attracts us to pornography, and why as a culture we demonize it, might be.

St. James Infirmary does it again with style for Sex Workers.

The Bay Area’s St. James Infirmary ( is one of my favorite pro-sex non-profits in San Francisco is one I served on as both a board member and as a volunteer over the years. In October they launched a new campaign that encourages people too look at Sex Workers and the stereotypes that people often assign to them.

The campaign itself is built on a series of posters with a diverse and often surprising representation of folks.

If you have extra $$ to donate to this truly great program – they are definitely are a deserving group.

Shit Bears Say…

Now we all have a schtick.. and those that like to feel the Bear” corners the market on the natural man’s arena do too.. this camera across my laptop this week and I think it captures it so well. They guys behind it definitely have an opinion on life..

Introducing the Newest Category; Art-In-Motion

We’ve have an incredible amount of creativity and talent among gay men. Some rough and growing, some experienced. But I though it would be cool to create a open space for guys to share what they do. My Pal Max, prompted this idea when we were having coffee recently and I saw his excitement about merging his sketches with digital tools like the iPad. Heres on of several of his I hope to see him share along with other emerging gay talent who want a place to share.

Bear Explosion – British Bears given us a laugh

Love the fact that these cuties can see some humor in life and have some fun with it. Sometimes its good to exhale…

Jonny McGovern “Take Me To St. Olaf (A Song For Rose)” from “SONGS ABOUT THE GOLDEN GIRLS

Sometimes we need a little Rose in outlives…

Because sometimes you just need to push a few limits..

Getting ready for the weekend!


Bringing Sex Out of the Box : Exploring the Broad Avenue of Gay Men’s Sexual Delights [SF] Tuesday January 24th

What does sex do for you?
Why do you want certain kinds of sex?
How do you get more of what you want and avoid what you don’t want?

Think about it. Talk about it.

An open discussion about SEX.
Let’s have some fun, share insights, make some new connections and tap into our collective sexual wealth and potential.

By talking about our sexual knowledge, fantasies and experiences we can build a strong vibrant community of gay men.

Tuesday January 24th, 7:00 to 9:00PM

2012 IML Judges announced

By way of the Leatherati: IML Judges announced

SPUNK by the makers of STR8CamLube

They say that change is that makes us better.. then everyone better stay tuned! The ever sexy Jeff of and makers of STR8CamLube has launched @SpunkLube a rebrand of his “looks like cum” themed lube as Spunk Lube

I have to say – Ive used his lube and it adds a visual element that I find I enjoyed. It also works pretty well with and with out condoms. For those of you who haven’t see Jeff in action check him out on tube or better yet – join his private group at for his weekly shows.

Oi.. What will it look like in the end?

From madness to clas. Is 8 hours… I hope. @midatlanticleat vendor setup begins in earnest.


Wake up call at MAL

Well its that time. Coffees gotten, dipped outside for a nip of cold air before heading down to set up the both for MAL

The Secrets Gay Men Don’t Want Straight People to Know backed from

ok -Gawker’s on a rampage thats got smiling on this…funny I often said the same about bottoms not telling new tops how good ass play is so they keep the ratio of bottoms to top lower.

The Secrets Gay Men Don’t Want Straight People to Know

As gay men and lesbians get closer and closer to the mainstream they’ve often traded in their image as the queer radicals who started the Stonewall Riots for the milquetoast assimilationists who want to get married and have kids and put HRC bumper stickers on their cars.

By way of blog Queer Landia… New gay-friendly California laws to take effect in 2012

All I can say is about friggen time.

Hit my fucken last gay nerve tonight..

So yeah.. between “churches” that want to play politics, “La’douchette Bachman and “Le’douche Santorum” stupidity and ignorance of LGBt’s and the over all stupidity of republicans – it all hit a nerve tonight.

Im tired of these so called “churches” being allowed this fiscal privilege to exclude, disperse hate, force lgbt youth to be shunned from safe spaces because the parents are practicing intolerance.

In fact parents who site religious scripture & practice that argues being LGBT is a sin, abomination or other hateful messages, and that forces a youth to leave home to survive being harassed or abused – with child abuse, endangerment and neglect. Prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Making the Youtube rounds is a mashup between Michele “the C**T” Bachman vs Julia “The Terminator” Sugarbaker

and now a few words from the ever remembered Ms. Julia Sugarbaker…

from FB post…
Sometimes an actor, when provided with the right words can really bring home the message.. and in this case.. I wish some of our own leadership of which we voted in and have expectations of, figured out how to take this kind of stand.. given the paycheck they get is supposed to cover all of the constituency.. not just the “normal” ones..

“Tired-ass” Porn Lines!

Stumbled across this blog today and the image just tickled me!

Slay it, Don’t Say it

Now I’m one of those guys who mutes the porn volume anyway – but on those times when I haven’t, it’s rare that I find the dialogue or ability of the talent to carry more than the scene.. so this made me laugh some tonight.

Do you remember? Then what will you do with that memory?

It’s simplicity is what attracts me. This is where bi-partisan politics, agism’s, LGBT’s, and vendor – not to mention health care, finance and survivability makes us all common bed-fellows.

Will You Remember?