Monsters are always in season. How would you like one up your ass?

A group of friends designed a collection of dildos resembling monsters and they even have names. Personally, I have never named my dildos (my dick maybe). They are shipped from Canada so they have to be nice Monsters (everything from Canada is nice).
So, what am I talking about? – Monster dildos may be all the rage soon. Check out these pretty fantasticical shapes at and two of the ones you will find are Zombi and Mythos.

They are allegedly comfortable (I personally have not tried them out myself) and like most silicone gear are easy to clean.

Here we go again.. trying to make the gays fit a normative hetero model

I came across Steve Weinstein’s In Praise of Promiscuity several months back and meant to post something then but got sidetracked. So while going trough old emails – I revisited his link on the Village Voice where the original post was and decided it was worth sharing. Especially in light of some rather irritating “research” that surfaced implicating that gay men in monogamous couples have better health outcomes. This isn’t a new patter that some have tried – especially with the trend to want to push routine STD screening with increases in syphilis in gay men still occurring. But I have to say its a stretch. Here is the BBC News link on the story they posted earlier this month on the surveys: But to the credit of this study – they focused it on the role of “marriage” not monogamy in a state that allows gays to marry (MA). (Another issue I just don’t have the strength to go into today, but stay tuned for more on that debate in the new year…)

I think the only part I agree on – is men in relationships may be more likely to have routine health check-ups simply because life as a couple changes our ability to ignore health issues that being single allows for. But I think its part of a larger view of health and not one that can be so easily prescribed to STD health outcomes.

RT @theragingqueen: At Towlero…

RT @theragingqueen: At Towleroad: The SF Gay Men’s Chorus ‘Home for the Holidays’ Concert Finale: VIDEO

Passing the word! Folsom Street Fair Dates may move…

A Note from the Folsom St Events folks:

Cock Gear; Final Thoughts & Cautions (Part 3)

So for the last few posts – we’ve talked about all the cool ways to add some stiffness to your cock, after this funny little clip I found, I have added a few last words of awareness.

now for a little levity

A few parting shots with some CyberRelate guidelines when thinking about your cock gear –

Unless its intentional – consider that if it’s got sharp edges, don’t use it!

Unless you are into the SM thing – sharp edges usually mean poorly finished rings and straps. They can scratch or nick you causeing an infection or worse. Remember Hep C (and HIV) only needs a small portal of entry !

Jonny McGovern’s “Dicktamize”

One of those great new moment when sexual and popular culture “meats”

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or BUY THE SONG: “Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s latest single, “Dickmatized” from the upcoming CD, “The Gayest Of All Time”.

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I’m looking forward to posting…

I’m looking forward to posting @GayPimp link for “Dickmatized” on the site this weekend! sneak peak:

Society of Janus Kinky Crafting Social [Bay Area] 12/18

Society of Janus Kinky Crafting Social – We know December can get expensive. So this holiday season, make your own Toys for Tops (and bottoms)!

The afternoon of Sunday, December 18th, the Society of Janus will host a kinky crafts space and social at the Center for Sex and Culture. We will be providing some materials and tools along with plans for some easy-to-make adult BDSM toys that you can make that afternoon. Or, please feel free to come and work on your own project (or meet new like-minded friends and share your expertise)!

Ring Toss; Straps & Metal – fitting your Cock Gear (part 2)

Cock Straps; Similar to a cock rings, with the exception that these usually have snaps or a buckle so they can be place “around” your equipment and manually tightened instead of stretched or slipped on. This style is often much more adjustable and easier to use in the beginning. They can be tricky to take off after sex when everything is covered with lube or cum.


Curtesy of Mr S Leather (CB23)

Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Sat 12/17

Join SWOP and the CSC for a night of celebration as resistance in honor of December 17, the International Day to end Violence Against Sex Workers! Indulge in a moment of peace with the “Om Shan Tea” table. Dance to live music and the tunes of a skilled DJ while enjoying drinks and snacks. Remember the sex workers who were killed this year at our Day-of-the-Dead themed altar – you’re welcome to create your own memorial to add. There will be an ASL interpreter for the introduction to the event, and the space is accessible for people with disabilities.

Spice up your holiday season @…

Spice up your holiday season @GoodVibesSF Q&A with “Ask Our Docs: @CarolQueen on Multi-Orgasmic Sex Thur 12/15

12/15 Ask Our Docs: Dr. Carol Queen on Multi-Orgasmic Sex [Bay Area]

With all the spending at this time of year – its good to have FREE!

Spice up you holiday season @GoodVibesSF Q&A with “Ask Our Docs: Dr. Carol Queen on Multi-Orgasmic Sex”
Dr. Carol Queen, sex educator, activist, and author, leads a discussion on how to achieve multiple orgasms. Discover different kinds and how to have them. Maximize your pleasure with knowledge in this fun, engaging talk. All genders and sexualities are welcome.
When: Thursday, 12/15
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Where: Good Vibrations Downtown Store
899 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 513-1635

Everyone needs some rainbow in the trunk!

Every so often I run across a post or blog that just give me a woody inside..
While following the link with this rainbow cross section posted on Unicornbooty

unicorn anal

But it got better when I visited the actual thread on the discussion hosted from the kids of Reddit’s “What is anal sex like?”.

The Girls ricked the house ton…

The Girls rocked the house tonight RT @pulsdSFO: Trannyshack Presents: The Golden Girls in Drag: The Christmas Episodes

Ring Toss; Cock Rings (part 1)

Dick Gear Know How; Cock Rings
This is one of our more common questions – so I dug out an article one of our crew wrote and have segmented into three parts over next few days.

Question: From time to time, I hear a lot of talk in the magazines and have even seen them in some of the movies, but how dangerous are cockrings? And is there a difference between cock rings and cock straps, metal or leather? Can I wear one ever day?

@TLAReleasing 1st interactive,…

@TLAReleasing 1st interactive, online “Q&A” session with “Is It Just Me?” crew 12/11 7p (pst)

TLA Releasing’s first interactive, online “Q&A” session with writer/director J.C. Calciano (“eCupid,” “Steam Room Stories”) and actors Nicholas Downs and Adam Huss.

Ever wonder “Is it just you?”

TLA Releasing and Cinema175 invite you to find and and help celebrate the Blu-ray release of the romantic comedy “IS IT JUST ME?” by participating in TLA Releasing’s first interactive, online “Q&A” session with writer/director J.C. Calciano (“eCupid,” “Steam Room Stories”) and actors Nicholas Downs and Adam Huss. Hosted by, film lovers will have an opportunity to socialize and ask questions via webcam, Twitter (@TLAReleasing) and SticKam instant messaging on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST) by logging onto For more information and updates, visit TLA Releasing’s official Facebook page:

Now this takes a new spin on s…

Now this takes a new spin on self learning RT @PassionateU: Short list: masturbation, communication sex, sexual compulsion, toys for boys

Sometimes you just have to take a moment… and appreciate walking in another persons boots.

Pals of mine posted this on Facebook and while not gay (of course some of them boys had a little too much “glee” in them, so you never know…) I found it a cute reminder that agree or disagree with the war – the people serving are someone’s son, doughtier, mother, father, sister, brother, etc.

Soft relaunch of new revised h…

Soft relaunch of new revised starts thursday.