Im thinking he needs to update…

Im thinking he needs to update a whole lot… PRT @DrGloriaBrame: Dr. Oz should update his penis technology

I’ll be at MAL in DC -come fin…

I’ll be at MAL in DC -come find me, Ill be hanging with the peeps from @LCEfetishwear

Get your $$ ready to Paint The…

Get your $$ ready to Paint The Castro Red. Dec.1, 2011. Participating Castro shops, restaurants, and bars will donate 10 to 15% of…

RT @MidAtlanticLeat: @MidAtlan…

RT @MidAtlanticLeat: @MidAtlanticLeat MAL full packet $ increases on Thurs., 12/1/2011.

Prevention Can’t End It

In light of our recent “punked” post by STDEpi, a recent post on todays HIV landscape;

Check our Its really time for a cure.Prevention can’t end it


Thrash! is our newest feature page.

Each month (sometimes more) the guys here are CyberRelate thought it was time that we model debate, discussion and critical thinking beyond the difference between “manhunt dick length” and real-time length. So we’ve asked a pal and fellow critical thinker, researcher, and all around sexy man to pitch in and we created Thrash! as a place to put out some words that can stimulate us.

We don’t expect (or want) everyone to agree all the time – the idea is that by discussing, debating and revisiting themes, trends, concerns & topics around sex, culture and health for gay men- we offer guys a platform.


Occasionally I get promo items or come across gear thats too good to not get a few extras of. In SwapMeat, I’ll post links to my ebay store or other storefronts where I have items for for grabs. From time to time, I may also up some used or pre-owned tech stuff so thats its not just sitting around the shop. I’ll pull them off as they sell. Looking for something specific – let me know. I might be able to recommend where to get it. Email me at


Pay-Per-View Porn

A few favorite links to sites with video & pictures
available for your viewing pleasure for a fee.


30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel : Episode Five

Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse are back this week with more anonymous straight and bisexual men in another episodeof “30 Loads of Facials — The Sequel”! If you’ve never seen an episode of 30 Loads then you’re missing a lot!! It’s the world’s nastiest miniseries that’s all about anonymous men shooting their fat loads in our face after we suck them off or jam their cocks up our ass. The first 30 Loads was so hot that we had to give our members another 30! Join now and see what all the hype is about!!!

Morning Wood

Recently came across this little gem of a social network site – with a theme that just put it out there for casual NSA lovers is a newish network site – so membership is growing – but a recent post by them on cleaning out caught my eye with its well written style and engaging approach. This could be one the next hot sites!

Fetish Gear

So as some of you know , Im in Provincetown this summer for 2 weeks. The fact I’ve taken two weeks off alone is a worth noting, but more so is the that that this is my seond return in 12 months, after an almost 19 year absence. When I moved to SF – I left here in Ptwn a lot of memories and pain over goodbyes I wasn’t ready to have said. Its was a time of great sorrow and grief for many, so my getting an offer to work in San Francisco was a chance to re-boot. Not that I didn’t go on to love and cry over a new set of friends who eft us too soon because of an infection that our leadership of the time allowed to simmer with out significant response. Review

Str8cam lube was first up this month with our boys to sample. All of us, myself included had good things to say about this unique pitched lube. With it’s direct tie-in to and Xtube favorite Str8camJeff, Str8cam lube is designed to replicate the visual and sensual feel of cum.

The “taste-testers” use a simple scale to judge our lube reviews. How does it feel going on, How does it feel used during a good solid wank session and how does it feel when its being used for fucking.


Just received this today from some pals who knew it would strike a nerve on a few levels.

It captures some very real conversations that happen between men – and the disconnect that some negative men continue to have around accepting responsibility for what they choose to do.. or not to do

Judge for yourself…

Whats it Means to be Clean

I was asked to repost this from another blog that I used to write for…

For those of you who follow my blogs, tweets and some of my other internet-based projects, you know I have particular point of view when it comes to gay men, sex and responsible sexual health.

Lately, I’m finding something I don’t think is all that cool. While I appreciate that some of you will not agree with this post – I do feel it has to be said as well.


STD’s – the gift that keeps on giving

Make sure you don’t get that one gift that you can’t casually get rid of as the months change. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) continue to be on the increase in the gay mens networks.

After years sexual prevention methods being targeted toward HIV, its important to remember that sex also puts us at risk for other STD’s. So, when you are thinking about keeping yourself and/or your partner safe always remember to include BOTH HIV and STD in your thoughts.


Here in the DripZone, we know that playing around sexually can expose us to a bunch of not-so friendly “critters” . These critters come in many shapes, forms and get entry to our bodies in different ways.

DZ is about knowing how best to protect yourself and those you have sex with from these sexual critters and also establish a sexual health routine that works for you.

A Men’s Plan for Sexual Health

If You Use It – Test It! FInd places to test for STD & hiv –

Del Shores

Ready to push some boundaries?

The creative twisted baptist’s son and writer of Sordid Lives is on tour with his Sordid Confessions and hits San Francisco on Aug 18th for a intimate night of talking trash.

Join Del Shore and his sexy husband Jason Dottley for a night to laugh, roll your eyes and belly up to the show with his take on Sordid Lives, Trash and more.. Limited Seating and run – so order tickets early.

After seeing it in Ptwn this week and the only thing I could say as I walked out – “it’s so wrong its right”.

Short Ritual

I’m always excited to see a pal grow and explore new ways to express himself. Rick is exactly this type of man on a search to grow, change and make his message heard. In some circles of LGBT society, a bias seems to exist that only those up and coming generations have all the energy to make a different and that those of us with a more senior viewpiont are still fighting the “old causes”. Well I think Rick slams that concept right out of the ballpark!

JOHN – The Crab (69)

I saw this posted on a pals facebook page and after watching it I wanted more of the story. Its an oddly compelling, yet visually stimulating short film. See for yourself.

From the vimeo site;

We should all avoid the Crab; two asses, eight legs, sideways dancing and suspiciously large abdomens.

JOHN – The Crab (69) from Nik Dimopoulos on Vimeo.

We should all avoid the Crab; two asses, eight legs, sideways dancing and suspiciously large abdomens.

Erotic Photography

Michael Rosen an old pal and one of the few men to photograph me back in the old days is offering a class!

Want to progress beyond merely recording an erotic or sexual situation? Beyond, “Here’s my sweetie in bondage”? At this slide presentation, we’ll discuss ways to differentiate your pictures from the next person’s via subject matter, technique and style. We’ll learn about the effects of basic camera controls, different types of lighting and then check out examples from the masters.

Good Vibrations, 1620 Polk Street, just north of Sacramento Street, San Francisco

Wednesday, July 20, 6:30-8:30 PM


Kudos Ron & Scott: RT @ModernBear: Calling Bear Artists, Photographers, Designers, New Book, “Fur: The Love of Hair”