Navigating CyberRelate

Navigating CyberRelate isn’t difficult. I mean lets face, I’m not trying to create the great novel. Mostly it’s about our special brand of interests. Sex mostly – with an assorted mix of popular culture, commentary and LGBT politics, art and media. But mostly, I sure you are wondering how’s the site laid out? Well – given I seem to always nudge it a some- here is a quick and dirty overview.

When you visit the CyberRelate home page you get my days CumShots blog. It’s made up of several ongoing themes that I or my buddies at CyberRelate have on our minds that day. You can bet its is content, that makes either our mind or our dick hard too.

Look at CyberRelate as a personal little black soap­box on sex, guys, and getting off. From sex clubs to anonymous sex, dating to tricks, eating ass to doing your best gal-pal’s boyfriend.

From time to time We’ll share some select recommendations on sex & cruising as well as a look at society, the internet, culture and “the gays online”.
To make it easier for some of you specific interests – we created several filtered pages with themes. These themes will link the past posts that fall with in that content arena.

On the Drip­Zone theme, you will usually find content more directly useful to our health – often around HIV/AIDS/STD, testing, treatment etc. It may cover new trends or advances in HIV, to suggestions on getting your personal gear checked.

If you want to really shake it up – I’ve asked my pal STDEpi to get us thinking and talking in Thrash! – this theme is specifically themed round our sexual health and the actions we do or don’t and is designed to be thought provoking and encourage discourse.

We have a bunch of CyberRelate pals who are also ‘stroken’ for a chance to drop a load of content in your eager, waiting brains, so look for the guest posts on the MoneyShots tab. We plan to keep it ‘edged’ and ‘loaded’ fresh content sure to cause a stir.

In Real-2-Read, look for reviews and press releases from some of the leading titles in gay porn. We also will be adding our two cents on some of the latest in LGBT film and books.

Got a question on Sex? Toys? Latest in gear or ways to ‘pop-his-cork’? In GearHead is our toy Review and Q&A theme. This is where you will be able to read the questions we get from our readers and what our best answers are. Readers are always open to add a few cents of there own too.

We all know that eating right, exercise and aging don’t always play nice together, but in our Live Fit theme, you find the latest ways to stave active, explore options to getting and staying fit as you age.

From time to time, in SwapMeat we will also post up a particular kink among some of us, buying used or pre-owned gear. We also opted to use it as a way to unload stuff that been sitting around the our office. Early in the new year look for a fully integrated SwapMeat that will be linked to our members accounts for posting swaps and sales of your own used clothes, gear, DVDs and more. We will also post any deals that we score for CyberRelate readers and members including promo­tions, swag, discount leads and special offers to our readers?