The Guys Behind CyberRelate started out as my own cyber glo­ry­hole, geared for gay & bi men that make were more like me – open and honest about the social and sexual connections on-line. Along the way it got larger and integrated more content as more guys wanted a space to unload.

The men behind CyberRelate try to share explore the complex and steamy side of gay/bi male sexuality, communication, erotica and adventure while creating routine sexual health standards that include understanding what works for you.

That could include knowing your HIV status, knowing how to make rou­tine test­ing for STDs just part of day to day health crap, con­sid­er­ing new ways to look sex; includ­ing part­ner nego­ti­ated sex­ual encoun­ters, sero-sorting, posi­tional safety, or even knowing when to have a “designated driver” as a way of stay­ing healthy.

Ultimately – CyberRelate is about believing in gay men as more than an HIV sta­tus. Seeing us for all the perverts, pigs, lovers, beef, bears, twinks, muscle-heads and more that we may be labeled – that we have hearts, minds, dick, balls and souls.